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The following is a public service announcement brought to you by C.M. Punk, A.J. Lee, and Dolph Ziggler, and is sponsored by pipebombs, podcasts, psychopaths, and pushes.

Well, it’s finally happened. It took ten months but C.M. Punk has finally come out and told the world what happened and why he walked out of WWE. Now, I don’t need to tell you all of what he said – if you’re reading this you’ve likely already listened to the podcast, and if not, you probably live under a rock. (If you haven’t, listen to Colt Cabana’s podcast Art of Wrestling with C.M. Punk, found on Itunes, or several people I know have posted it on Youtube. See channels WrestlingParadise619Yes or SpazPhoenix, both of which had it last I checked.)

Granted, I haven’t listened, I’ve just read basically all that was said. I’ll probably cover the basics but I’m not going to make this super long.

First and foremost, we can clear one thing up. C.M. Punk only walked out of the company for two weeks. After that he was suspended for two months. And then they fired him on his wedding day. So all you people calling him a quitter can shut up – he makes it sound like he was going to come back once he was healthy. Well, until they did what they did.

At most you can call him a two week quitter. But they had nothing for him and he’s an independent contractor, so he’s not really even that. If they don’t have anything for him then there’s no point of being there. He made it seem before he even walked out that he wasn’t going to re-sign in July, and a feud with Triple H at Mania was completely pointless.

He’s still upset that Triple H cut into his feud in 2011. And rightfully so.

He’s still upset that he had to drop the title to the Rock. And rightfully so. (DIDN’T I SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THIS? Yes.)

He’s still upset that he couldn’t get into the main event of WM29. And rightfully so. (DIDN’T I SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THIS? Yes.)

He’s still upset over losing to Brock Lesnar. And rightfully so.

His three big feuds last year were against part timers and he was forced to lose to all of them.

Both times he was forced into a feud with Ryback, Ryback injured him every time. Big surprise. When they announced in December of 2012 that Punk and Ryback would have a TLC match, I immediately said “Well that just sounds like a stupid idea. Ryback’s just going to do something and injure Punk by mistake.” GUESS WHO WAS RIGHT? In fact, Ryback injured him in that exact segment that I mentioned that. And then in last year’s feud, Ryback did a Gorilla Press Slam on him through a table and missed the table, breaking his ribs. He did this to Punk in Chicago. I was there. I have it all on tape.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGJOPcLqfdc


All of the crap that people were giving WWE about Ryback’s bullshit push in 2012 until now is completely justified at this point.

Now, I’m sure Punk saying that those broken ribs Ryback gave him taking 20 years off his life is an exaggeration.

The whole WWE not having long term future plans is laughable and very evident.

The favoritism isn’t a surprise. The other wrestlers being afraid to speak out isn’t a surprise.

But most importantly, the health issues that they refused to treat properly. WWE is so worried about its public image these days but hires doctors who seem to not be able to deal with concussions properly, expect people to work two weeks after surgeries, and misdiagnose a Staph infection on his back as a fatty deposit.

Punk worked his final match at the Royal Rumble and got a concussion shortly into it from Kofi Kingston while having a growth on his back that turned out to be a Staph infection which was there for three months. When he saw a different doctor recommended by future wife A.J. Lee, the doctor was surprised Punk was still alive because wrestling with this growth could’ve killed him.

There’s more in the podcast but that’s all I’m probably going to mention. Some money issues here and there, but for the most part he made it clear that it wasn’t that much about money as it was about his health, WWE stifling his creativity and not wanting to listen to his ideas but then using his ideas for other people, and so on.

It sucks. C.M. Punk will not be back. They always say “Never say never,” but I believe him. You look at him then and you look at him now, and he looks so much better appearance wise in relation to health, and he’s happy, which is the important thing. (I appreciated the part where the Hawks being in the playoffs was more important than a lawsuit with WWE.) But C.M. Punk is one of few people to fight WWE and win.

Moving along, this leads perfectly to his wife, A.J. Lee.

You know all of this drama is going to lead to AJ getting the short end of the stick. I’m wondering if the news of this podcast’s imminence reached WWE before it reached the general public. None of us knew it was coming – it was just kind of dropped on the internet right as Thanksgiving started and actually broke the internet unlike Kim Kardashian’s ass.

That being said, it would explain A.J.’s treatment at Survivor Series. It would add credence to the rumors of A.J. leaving. (PLEASE NO.) If Punk were to do this, he’s smart enough to know that it should probably be saved for when A.J.’s out the door. He knows how she’ll be treated. (Granted, it wasn’t a shoot interview, it was just him relaying his side of the story to his fans that weren’t douches calling him a quitter thinking they were owed an explanation because they weren’t. Remember he didn’t quit on his fans, he quit the company.)

Side note: Maybe the fact that he explained why he left will make fans stop chanting CM Punk at them….

Oh who are we kidding, it’s just going to make them chant them harder now.

Regardless, the ranty part I have about A.J. isn’t so much about the terrible booking at Survivor Series because I’ve done that already, and I mean, everyone knows the truth now that A.J. told the Bella Twins that talent is not sexually transmitted – A.J. doesn’t really need our help to expose the useless Bella Twins as what they are, even though it helps.

The ranty part is about A.J. Lee haters. Now, to be fair, I still don’t see many A.J. Lee haters that are actually intelligent wrestling fans and not stupid teenage girls who idolize people like Kim Kardashian and those kinds of people. But it’s still annoying.

Let’s face it. Are A.J. Lee haters the dumbest kind of haters? It really does seems that way.

I’ve never seen someone hate on A.J. and bring up any valid points.

1. They hate on her because of what her character is portrayed as.

In 2012-13 she seemed to go from superstar to superstar, managing them and, at least in some people’s eyes, thusly a whore.

In 2013-14, a manipulative bitch.

In 2014, a crazy person with no friends.

Crazy is really part of all three of these years. But again, this is her character, and you cannot hate on her in real life for portraying a character.

2. Some backstage conflict with ESPN writer (or something) Michelle Beadle at TLC 2013.

Really? You read the reports of what happened, right? You know that whatever Beadle got she justly deserved, right? Why are you defending an ESPN employee, anyway, by the way? Shouldn’t you be defending the WWE employee? You didn’t even know who Michelle Beadle was until then. In fact, did anyone? I might have seen her name in passing on Twitter or something, in relation to something for ESPN. I hadn’t any real idea who she was because ESPN isn’t even relevant – it’s some “sports” channel that thinks it can call itself a legitimate sports channel even though it barely covers hockey. That’s not a sports channel.

3. She was homeless at some point in her life. Or she’s lying about being homeless at some point in her life. (I don’t know which, they can’t seem to decide which one to hate her for.)

You want to know why you all can’t decide which one to hate her because of? Because you have no idea what you’re talking about. If she said she was homeless at some point in her life, she was being truthful. She isn’t a liar.

She isn’t looking for sympathy. She’s just explaining what she went through to get to where she is today. That’s a feel good story everyone should be getting behind. That’s what young girls should be looking up to. I mean, who else in the divas division should young girls be looking up to these days? A.J. Or Paige. It’s certainly not the Bellas. They are the exact opposite of what girls should be aspiring to be like.

Why are these people attacking her for having been homeless? I don’t see the same people hating on Mick Foley for having lived out of his car while learning how to wrestle. This must have to do something with the girls hating girls culture this country has or something, because it makes no sense.

And the people saying she’s lying about it….Um, how can you prove that? Who are you to say she’s lying or to pretend to actually know enough about her personal life to say she was never homeless like she said? What are you, a fourteen year old detective basing your arguments off of opinions that other fourteen year olds are trying to pass as facts on Twitter and Tumblr? Let’s face it, all you really know is what Wikipedia tells you. If A.J. said she was homeless, she was homeless. She doesn’t have to have been homeless her entire life – it just means that at some point she was. It could’ve been for only a day and it still would’ve been true.

4. She’s overrated.

Compared to who? Point someone out who’s better.

You see, having been a fan for so long, I can say with confidence the following statement:

A.J. Lee is at least the third best diva in WWE history.

I’ve said this before. It’s true.

Unless someone’s saying she’s better than Lita or Mickie James, you have no argument. Even then, I can make a legitimate case for her to be above Mickie James. I’d have a tougher time with Lita but I’d be willing to try.

You could also argue Paige. But her WWE career is only eight months old at this point. She could potentially surpass A.J., yes, but you can’t make the argument yet. Even so, that makes A.J. least the fourth best diva in WWE history.

So, again, the A.J. Lee hate. I don’t understand it. There’s no valid arguments to be had.

Moving along, I don’t have too much else to say, but I do have a brief comment about Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler. Sole Survivor at Survivor Series 2014. The most memorable moment on the show. I just want to say – I don’t want to see him going for the IC Title anymore, not after that moment. Now, I don’t really expect him to win the Rumble or anything or main event WM31, but he’s now in a spot where he needs to be elevated.

You can’t have him have a moment like that and have him stuck in a feud for the IC Title. The right thing to do here is for him to feud with John Cena. The storyline leading to Survivor Series and the fact that he got that kind of moment is calling for it. He doesn’t need to turn heel. It can be face vs. face like Cena vs. Bryan was. It can just be about a respect thing. Dolph needs to beat Cena at Mania. And hopefully sometime soon after he should beat Triple H at SummerSlam. (Or maybe the other way around would work better.) And then he should win the Royal Rumble and the WWE Title at WM32. You have the fans wanting that kind of thing. They don’t want Roman Reigns. I’d have him win it at WM31 but I’m not sure that’s feasible.

Triple H. John Cena. Royal Rumble. WWE Title at WM32. Do it.

I don’t really have too much else to talk about. The anonymous Raw GM thing is stupid and isn’t anonymous because we know it’s Hornswoggle. Can’t wait for NXT Takeover.

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