I’m not really sure what this is going to be. I had a number of things I kind of wanted to rant about over the past week or so but I either just covered most of it in my wrestling post below this or I lost most of it. A lot of it may have been lost while having an argument with someone I know yesterday, which is related to at least one topic.

Most of it is just political things, but I don’t remember what some of them were.

I wasn’t going to talk at length or anything about Ferguson or anything, despite the fact that they made the wrong decision. That much is obvious. Riots are starting to get a bit out of hand, but the simple facts are that is indeed about race and African Americans are indeed often treated unfairly, despite what some laws have done to help that.

I do love the white person comeback of “Well if a black cop shot a white kid, you wouldn’t see them rioting” or something like that. There’s a reason for that.

White people wouldn’t need to riot or protest, because if a black cop shot a white kid, the cop would be punished immediately. You do realize that, right?

Really that’s all I wanted to say about that specifically.

I don’t really have that much of an opinion on things like immigration or healthcare, as I’ve stated in the past. I do find Republicans’ reactions to Obamacare comical, though.

I find them comical in general, to be honest. My cat is smarter than most of them. It’s hard for me to respect any of them – at least nowadays. Republicans never used to be so crazy – I mean, I’ve known I’m a liberal for a long time now, at least for as long as I’ve been old enough to vote.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I won’t lie that I supported Bush over Kerry. But that was really not a smart idea, obviously. But I couldn’t vote yet so it’s not like it mattered.

But as a kid, my family supported Clinton, and I was old enough during the Gore/Bush race to know I supported Gore.

But pre-Bush, Republican candidates were at least intelligent. They at least had redeeming qualities. Or maybe that’s just what I’m told from people older than me who’ve been there. Who knows.

None of them these days know anything about the modern world, it seems. They’re too busy trying to make it the 1950’s or something to actually move forward. It’s almost 2015 and we’d better start acting like it and stop trying to bring the country back to a time period it’s never going to go back to. Stop living in the past. Stop living in your bubble.

The main political issues that are important to me all stem from equality. I know there’s many different political issues out there, and I can’t imagine how a politician can even try to juggle them all, really. War, Defense, Healthcare, Climate Change, Spending, Deficit, Gun Control, Economy, etc. Some of them I don’t really comprehend that well, mostly stuff related to business and economics, and I try to avoid those most of the time because of that. Some basic things maybe, but as whole I don’t know enough to have a valid opinion.

My main political opinions are that everyone should be treated equally, no matter their sex, race, or sexual orientation. (And anything I could be missing.)

Climate change is real. At this point it’s undeniable.

If evolution being real is somehow a political issue, it needs to be thrown in. Because there are still idiots who don’t believe in it apparently.

I can talk a lot about gun control, and while I do think there needs to be something done about it, I don’t believe guns should be outright taken away. Concealed Carry is BS. Open Carry is even more BS.

But the thing that pisses me off most is inequality. In 2014, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Everyone should be treated equally.

Women shouldn’t make less money than men for the same work.

Anybody who wants to get married should be allowed to get married. (If Charles Manson can get married so can anyone who’s homosexual.)

I mean, if separation of church and state is a thing, then there’s no legal reason why same sex marriage shouldn’t be allowed. At this point any argument someone could possibly have against same sex marriage is somehow based in religion, whether it’s admitted or not. You can’t make laws based off of religion, so you can’t ban gay marriage because the only reason you could think to do it is based off religion. (And all of your religious reasons are bullshit.)

End of story.

And the fact that women and men aren’t treated equally is bullshit too. I’m not sure whether you can call me a feminist but I’m at least a supporter of it. (Fuck off Time Magazine.)

Unequal pay is BS. Gender Roles is BS.

I had an argument with someone I know yesterday. His identity will remain unknown, but I it took all I had not to punch him.

He basically compared basic women’s rights to giving machine guns to serial killers.

This stemmed from my saying that old white men (well, I guess the white part isn’t relevant) shouldn’t be in charge of what women do with their (uh, in a somewhat more family friendly version) bodies. (Well, I didn’t use any slang, but I was in rant mode so I used the specific body part).

He disagreed.


That needed more emphasis.

This idiot thinks the world favors women.

I mean, how dumb can you get?

His basis for this is probably personal in nature, involving courts giving children usually to the mother. (If you’re a normal reader of my normal blog you now know who I’m talking about, so congrats.) And while, yes, courts normally do that, you can finally find a reason they do that.

Why? I’m willing to bet it has something to do with gender roles.

Anyways. I don’t know what else to say except for continuing to wonder how these kind of people still exist. How can people be so stupid to think that the country is brainwashed into favoring women when it’s clearly the opposite.

Oh well, joke’ll be on him when Hillary Clinton is president.

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