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Another month, more ranting. You know, I was going to do a whole live Raw experience post, but I just don’t feel like it. Raw has just been so terrible lately that the thought of writing a whole post on it would be torture. I can give some general thoughts on it, and maybe post some links to videos at the end, but that’s it.

Raw in a nutshell: Amazing Intercontinental Title match between Dolph, Cesaro, and Miz, great Ambrose segment with him throwing the merchandise into the crowd and whatnot, and tons of crap in between and after. Three divas matches, to the point where I wondered if AJ and Paige would even show after the second one. Hogan shilling Susan G. Komen. Because, you know, it’s cancer month so it’s time to Rise Above Cancer – yet, Total Divas is cancer, so where’s the Rise Above Total Divas shirts? Where’s the Rise Above Big Show’s Carcinogenic Right Hand shirts?

Did you know that SGK only raises money to “raise awareness” about breast cancer? Let me tell you – if you have breast cancer…..you’re probably aware of it. In fact, if you’re old enough to use a computer, you probably know about it. So why does this charity exist? To make themselves money. If you’re going to donate, at least donate to something that helps find an actual cure.

I would prefer WWE actually use the Connor’s Cure charity they’re helping create now. I think any wrestling fan that doesn’t live under a rock is aware of who Connor the Crusher is now and I think fans would rally behind that cause even more than one they’re clearly just giving money to just to look good in the eyes of the media. It’s been obvious since day one that the SGK thing was just another effort to try to help Linda McMahon get into the Senate which failed as it always will, yet this continues.

Anyways, there are two main topics of this post, and only one is related to the show itself.

First and foremost, John Cena being injected into the Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins feud.

Why? Why is this happening? I understand that Rollins cost him a match, but the fact that the idea that Cena should now be feuding with Rollins to the point where he might get a Hell in a Cell match with him is an insult to every single wrestling fan’s intelligence. Even the ones stupid enough to think that Cena vs. Rollins is a good idea and something they want to see.

If WWE doesn’t give us an Ambrose vs. Rollins HIAC match, that is them blatantly not giving the fans what WWE knows the fans want.

Honestly, if WWE doesn’t give us that, I might be done for a while. I’ve reached the end of my rope with this kind of stupidity. I might have to stop watching the main product for a while, and just stick to NXT and stay there. I’ll keep listening to the podcasts and the people on youtube who make videos that I watch, but in terms of watching it, I don’t know. I barely watch it now. Is it even worth fast forwarding through Raw every week? I’m literally watching for Ambrose, Rollins, Ziggler, Cesaro, Wyatts, Stardust, AJ, and Paige. (Barrett and Bryan are out)

There is no logic to a Cena/Rollins HIAC match. I get why Cena is mad and he has a legit gripe – he can just wait until AFTER Ambrose is done with Rollins in the cell. I don’t have an issue with a Cena/Rollins feud – if they want to do it, go ahead. Just wait until Ambrose has had payoff. If he doesn’t get Rollins in the Cell then there’s no reason for him to even have come back at NOC.

The second thing I wanted to touch on is something I see more between fans.

Apparently A.J. fans and Paige fans hate each other. I don’t understand it. Unless what I see are just stupid kids, which it could be, I’m seeing a lot of stupidity. They’re both mad at each other for bashing the wrestler themselves.

I haven’t really seen any A.J. fans bashing Paige, but I’ve seen some Paige fans bashing A.J. (See: Instagram.com/AllthingsPaige – most of what I’m going to talk about has to do with some of the images on that page)

This person has an image claiming AJ has only three moves. This person is clearly stupid.
This person claims A.J. doesn’t deserve to be on the level of Eve Torres as a three time Divas Champion. Yes. Eve Torres.

Can we just take in just how ridiculous that sounds? Eve Torres, one of WWE’s many random, pointless, nobody divas. Eve, the chick who randomly shook her ass and did a moonsault. Eve, the chick whose finisher was something Charlotte is doing now as a basic maneuver and it still looks dumb. Eve, the one who never did anything and no one even remembers held that title three times. I only remember one, maybe two. Her title reigns were meaningless. Her career was nothing. We can be honest – she wasn’t the worst. But she wasn’t anything.

On the the other hand, you look at A.J. And, if you’re being completely unbiased and honest, you can easily call her what she is. AT WORST, A.J. is the third best diva in WWE history. And that’s at worst. You could argue that she’s the best WWE diva ever, and you wouldn’t be wrong to think so.

Who’s the two that are better, you ask? Lita and Mickie James. (Ha, you thought Trish Stratus was one of them didn’t you? LOL, dead wrong.)

A.J. is one of the best women’s wrestlers WWE has ever had. It is undeniable that she is the most popular diva this side of Mickie James, possibly this side of Lita and Trish. At worst she is the fourth most popular diva in WWE history.

I would probably argue that when A.J.’s career is over that she could easily be the best diva of all time. If given more time in the ring for matches and good storylines. It wouldn’t be difficult.

She’s already become the first diva to actually get over with the crowd through being with Daniel Bryan, C.M. Punk, John Cena, and Dolph Ziggler, and then becoming the longest reigning Divas Champion in history. She singlehandedly made that belt worth something. It had for many years been completely irrelevant and useless – going from being a second rate title when it was created, then falling all the way down to a fourth rate title when Kelly Kelly was holding it, then it slowly built back up to third before A.J. won it and brought it back to all of its second rate glory. (It can’t be first rate because it was dubbed second rate women’s title upon inception as the women’s title itself is obviously the first rate one.)

That “pipebombshell” she had on the total divas cast? Every word of that was completely true. If you can’t see that A.J. is at least the third best women’s wrestler in WWE history you are clearly blind to the truth. It is impossible for A.J. to be overrated because the best of all time isn’t completely incorrect. A.J. has singlehandedly gotten people to care about women’s wrestling in a time when no one cares about women’s wrestling. Her match with Kaitlyn was probably the first good divas match since 2009.

So, before you do something stupid like bash A.J. but praise Eva Marie, remember what you’re about to do and think better of it. If you want to be taken seriously, learn your facts before you spew nonsense.

If you personally like her more than A.J., that’s cool. I love A.J., and I love Paige. We are not taking away your right to like one over the other. The point of this is to make people see the truth.

That being said, where does that all put Paige? Paige has been on the main roster for six months. With what she’s done so far, you can’t argue that A.J. is above her. But that’s because A.J.’s been there much longer. Paige, despite having had three months of basically nothing to do since she had to wait for A.J. to get back from her honeymoon to have a real feud, and up to now as the AJ feud continues, has already become my fourth favorite diva of all time.

Could she become bigger than AJ in the future? She definitely has the potential, there’s no arguing that. The only problem is that the crowd loves AJ and as sad as it is to say it, I don’t think Paige is as over. I want her to be, but I’m not sure.

A.J. and Paige are the two best women’s wrestlers in the company right now. That is an undeniable fact. And the thing is, I don’t understand why the fan bases hate each other. They should be banding together and fighting off the Bella Twins fans and the Total Divas fans and the crappy women’s wrestlers’ fans. We should be fighting together to get all of the women who can actually wrestle on tv and all of the pieces of trash that are there for reality tv out of the company. We want women’s wrestling. If you hate AJ and want her gone, Paige will be left with no one to fight. End of story. (And to be clear AJ is still the best diva in the company and potentially of all time. And Paige is right behind her.)

A few other notes:

1) Why is Luke Harper being separated from the Wyatt Family?

2) If the Bella Twins have a hell in a cell match I’m not watching that PPV. You have the two best women’s wrestlers since at least 2009 who could easily have an awesome first ever Divas HIAC match yet you give that honor to two of the biggest pieces of trash to ever be part of the Divas division? Fuck yourselves.

Some videos from Raw:

Stardust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VvqzGSV8H0
Dolph Ziggler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTrmbY34qpc
Dolph celebrates his win: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgbOfs23qeo
Dean Ambrose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ-KvR91Ums
A.J.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVSFrwNi_7M
Paige: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkWqrSYLxaM (And me yelling at idiots chanting C.M. Punk at A.J.)
A.J. gets Rampaiged: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez3Ri7JlB-w
Hulk Hogan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX08EnobS8o
Dean Ambrose again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9SjRlC59II
Dean Ambrose Hot Tag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEgl9GqVIl4
Seth Rollins Curb Stomps Dean Ambrose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1xH6VRtc-4
The Wyatts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ina0eMh8W7g
Dean Ambrose and John Cena take out the Wyatts and Celebrate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlKtQlxNUQY

Also, I met Paige and Emma after at Victoria’s restaurant and took a very blurry picture:


Anyways, that’s all.

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