Alright, it’s time for a quick review of WWE Night of Champions. Considering I had no expectations going in, I’m quite pleased with how this turned out. There’s nothing I’m angry about so I guess that’s a victory.

The Usos defended their WWE World Tag Team Championship against Little Gold Star in a good match to open the show. It started off a little slow but once it picked up I very much enjoyed the rest. I’m very surprised to see Little Gold Star get the win, but it’s a pleasant surprise. I feel a little justified – I call Goldust and Stardues “Little Gold Star” because I can’t just call them GoldStar like everyone does – being the Allison Scagliotti fan that I am, and knowing she’s going to be in a movie called Little Gold Star soon, makes me have to call Goldust and Stardust Little Gold Star, especially since Cody was on Warehouse 13 – Cody was the reason I started watching that show and the reason I even know who Scags is. (Wrestling fans are all “What the fuck is this guy talking about right now?”) So, that’s why I call them that, and considering today was Allison’s birthday, I feel justified in Little Gold Star winning the tag titles today because it is fitting! Anyways, good match.

Rating: ***

Next was Sheamus defending the U.S. Title against Cesaro in a really good match. Again, it took a little while to get going – wasn’t really a fan of the brawling in the beginning, but then it got better. It was really good, and I don’t mind that Sheamus won, but why is it that the end to all Sheamus victories are the exact same thing? Why is it that it’s always “Opponent walks back from corner, looks and argues with ref, turns around and gets Brogue Kicked immediately and loses?” Literally, that’s how he wins everything.

Rating: ***1/2

The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler in a fairly good match to win the Intercontinental Championship back. The match wasn’t bad, and I’m not mad Miz won – anything that will lead to more Dolph/Miz matches is fine with me – but the whole Florida Georgia Line bullshit took so much away from this match. Commentary acting like this random ass country band is one of the biggest musical acts in the business today when, like, five people know who they are is pathetic. I’d never heard of them until WWE shoved them in our faces. Anyways, I wished this wasn’t so marred by outside BS.

Rating: **1/2

Seth Rollins did exactly what I expected when I heard Reigns was out of action and got a countout win over him. Then Dean Ambrose came back and all hell broke loose and everyone was happy!

Mark Henry and Rusev had a match. It was okay. Rusev wins as per usual.

Rating: **

Chris Jericho and Randy Orton had the PPV match I’ve wanted from them since 2007. It was great. Granted there was no real story, but the match itself was great. The only thing that bugged me was that I could see the finish coming as soon as Jericho got on the top rope.

Rating: ***1/2

Paige then defended the Second Rate Women’s Championship against A.J. Lee and Nikki Bella in what was possibly the best divas match on the main roster this year. I hate the Bellas but I will give her credit that this was probably the match of her life. (Not hard to do, though.) AND A.J. WON AND NIKKI DIDN’T SO ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD AND AJ/PAIGE CAN CONTINUE!! Submission or HIAC Match Please!

Rating: **1/2

And finally, Brock Lesnar retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena in a good match via DQ. I enjoyed this more than the SummerSlam match because it was at least somewhat competitive. I don’t mind that Rollins attacked Cena to cost him the match, because he was clearly doing it to cash in – not to screw Cena. There’s a difference. Everyone played their part well, but I wish Ambrose would’ve come out at the end too.

Rating: ***

Overall, the show was way better than I expected it to be, and I’m not mad at anything, so all in all, no complaints. Nothing spectacular, but nothing bad.

Overall Rating: ***

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