Alright, well it’s time for me to briefly comment on tonight’s NXT two hour special, Takeover Fatal Four Way. I’m not going to rate the matches like I would a PPV, just talk about them in general.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the show. I was a little bit disappointed with the outcome of the title match but that doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of the match.

The first match was the NXT Tag Team Championship match with the Ascension defending against Kalisto and Sin Cara. As expected, this was a very fun match, and it was good to see the Ascension have a real match. This, along with another match later on, has maybe one of few criticisms I have of the show, which is that I’d have liked this to be a little longer. Kalisto and Sin Cara won and I’m happy about it – it’s time for the Ascension to come up to WWE and take the belts from the Usos. But I feel like the Ascension should have been pinned after the double team finisher, with Sin Cara’s senton after the Asai DDT. Oh well.

Well, I wasn’t looking forward to C.J. Parker vs. Baron Corbin until Corbin destroyed him with an awesome looking finisher. It was essentially a Sister Abigail without the spin but it looked just as effective.

Enzo Amore vs. Sylvester LeFort was alright. I was more into Amore and Cassidy’s normal mic work. My only problem is that there was a little too much stuff related to this before and then after the match – it was just a little too much for me.

Next was the debut of Kenta, or as he’s apparently going by now, Hideo Itami, because we can’t just have people keep their name’s. He more or less said that WWE is his house now, so I guess Kenta, Paige, Bray Wyatt, and Brock Lesnar all live together because all four of them have said that since July. Anyways, the Ascension came out and beat him up and demanded a rematch from William Regal but Kenta/Hideo Itami comes in and cleans house.

Bull Dempsey vs. Mojo Rawley was about as good as it could have been.

Charlotte then defeated Bayley to retain the NXT Women’s Championship in another really good match. See! Good women’s wrestling! It’s like what they should be letting A.J. and Paige do on the main roster. Unfortunately Total Divas is a cancer and should die a painful death. Anyways, like the tag title match, I’d have liked this match to be longer. I’m not sure if it’s better than Charlotte/Natalya, it may be, but it wasn’t as good as Paige/Emma. Regardless it was awesome, and I’m glad Charlotte retained so she isn’t getting called up before she’s ready. Good to see Sasha Banks come out too and it looks like we’ll see a Charlotte/Sasha feud now.

And finally, the Fatal Four Way for the NXT World Championship with Adrian Neville defending against Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd, and Tyler Breeze. This match was amazing just like I thought it would be. I will be honest, it started off a little slow to me, with a little too much pointless outside brawling, until Kidd and Breeze Double Suplexed Neville on the stage and Zayn on the ramp. And then I kept getting amused at the Eat, Sleep, Throw Adrian Neville out of the ring, Repeat. But then things picked up and there were some great hope spots for all four of them. And that Tower of Doom spot was ridiculous. Shoutout to the crowd for booing the stupid people who started chanting C.M. Punk – this is NXT, not some episode of Raw with stupid people chanting it at A.J. Anyways, I was so hoping Zayn would get the win but then Neville pulled the ref out and it pissed me off. I’m so disappointed that Neville retained, to be honest – that was like, the least desired result. I do like Neville, but I’m ready for a new champion. But it looks like we’re going to see a Neville vs. Zayn feud now and I think by the end of the year – I’m guessing the next live special may be in December – and Zayn will win the title then.

Anyways, the show was great. I always try to figure out which live special was best and I can never figure it out definitively. This is wrestling. This is what WWE should be doing on the main roster. I highly doubt Night of Champions can live up to it.

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