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Yep. I feel the need to do this.

The following is a public service announcement brought to you by the WWE’s booking of the Wyatt Family, Roman Reigns, and the Bella Twins, and it’s sponsored by the shovels and earmuffs.

For a little while now I’ve been contemplating how poorly the Wyatts have been booked in recent months and how much it has bugged me. It’s sad how far they’ve fallen in just a short time. Just six months ago if someone asked you what they’d be doing at this time, you’d probably be saying they’d be destroying all competition, Harper and Rowan would probably at least have tag titles, and so on. They wouldn’t be a group whose leader struggled to beat Chris Jericho, or that the pair of Harper and Rowan couldn’t beat the freaking Usos in one of two attempts.

Just look at how the Wyatts were booked leading up until Bray’s first encounter with John Cena at WrestleMania 30, and then look at how they’ve been booked ever since then. It’s almost a mirror image of each other. The Wyatts looked unstoppable leading up until WM30, outside of Wyatt’s first match with Kane at SummerSlam 2013 which was awful. The rest of it they looked unstoppable, as I said, except for Harper and Rowan losing to C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series, but they weren’t going to go over the top two stars in the company at the time. Maybe if it was 3 on 2, but not 2 on 2 with Rowan being not nearly as good as the other two.

Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble. The man who went on to defeat all of Evolution at WrestleMania. The Wyatt Family defeated the Shield at Elimination Chamber in what is quite possibly still match of the year. In an ideal world Shield vs. Wyatts would’ve been a WM match. It should’ve been.

They built the Wyatts up so much because Bray needed to look strong and look like a legit threat to Cena.

What happened there, you may ask? The same thing that happens with practically everyone that faces Cena. He lost.

To be fair, the first loss to Cena was fine. It was a good match and I don’t think Bray lost any credibility from it. Everyone expected it.

It’s the rest of the feud that hurt the Bray Wyatt’s credibility. Weirdly enough, it’s Bray’s win against Cena that did the most damage in my opinion. He beat Cena, yes, but it was in a cage match which required so much interference from both Harper and Rowan which Cena still overcame, including Bray, and only lost after being distracted by a little kid singing in a sheep mask. If that wasn’t enough, Bray just left the cage when he could’ve easily pinned Cena. But nope.

Cena’s inability to take anything seriously helped no one, because he naturally just made jokes about Bray, didn’t care if the fans were turning on him, and so on. There are only two moments of this entire feud that’s any bit memorable – Wyatt’s entrance at WM, and Wyatt leading a children’s choir to sing to Cena. And then there’s the last man standing match, which was more like a Captain Fall Six Man Tag Last Man Standing Match with the Wyatts vs. Cena and the Usos. If Wyatt had just won this match, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation right now. Maybe Wyatt wouldn’t be as strong as he was before WM, but he’d be miles ahead of where he is now.

Money in the Bank, there’s nothing to say about Bray as he wasn’t going to win the belt. But the Wyatts lost to the Usos in a match they shouldn’t have. The Usos, quickly turning into the Cena of the tag division, defeat much larger competitors, not once, but two PPVs in a row. But really, the Usos were doing runins during Wyatt Family beatdowns from like, the start of May to the end of July.

Then Wyatt lost to Jericho. There’s a great idea. Smarter booking would’ve had Jericho defeat Harper and Rowan at Battleground to get to Bray at SummerSlam but Wyatt wins clean with no interference at SS.

If Wyatt had won the Last Man Standing match and Jericho beaten the Family at Battleground, I think we’d be looking at a much different picture. Not one where the Wyatts go up against Cena, Show, and Henry in a match that, if it wasn’t painful enough, the same thing happens to them with Reigns, Show, and Henry on Smackdown.

Wyatt beat Jericho at SummerSlam, but who cares? He can’t beat Cena. And when Jericho leaves, what is Bray going to do? Who does he have to face? I’ve heard Sheamus, but that’s no better. It’s been a year – Wyatt could’ve been something huge by now. He should be a legit main eventer at this point with the way they were pushing him before WM. But now the whole stable is floundering.

Moving on to other superstars, it’s time for some talk about Roman Reigns.

Is everyone ready for Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar at WM31? Because that’s where we’re going. (Well, unless the reports that say Vince wants Brock vs. Rock actually happens, in which case Vince is absolutely fucking crazy.) Reigns, the weakest member of the Shield, and the one who when the Shield broke up, mysteriously didn’t care about Rollins and wanted the title immediately. The crowd’s already peaked its interest in Reigns back in July. When he won his way into the ladder match at MITB, the crowd went insane. No reaction since then has lived up to it.

He’s already starting to get booed. Just the simple fact that the crowd knows he’s going to be the next Cena – he’s not even there yet, but the crowd knows he’s going there – so they’re turning on him already. Maybe it’s because he’s had no good competition since the Shield broke up, stuck in bad matches with Kane, and then against Orton whom the crowd is equally sick of at SummerSlam, where Orton outperformed him.

Reigns is better in the ring than Cena. That much is clear. I enjoy his arsenal of moves and whatnot. The problems lie within his mic skills and WWE’s booking him in incredibly predictable matches. Why would I watch Reigns vs. Orton AND Kane? He’s just going to pin Kane! Why would I watch Reigns vs. Rollins and Kane? He’s just going to pin Kane! The way you book a face so that he gets crowd support is simple. HAVE HIM LOSE SOME MATCHES. Sure, he can beat Kane all he wants. He should’ve lost to Orton at SS. Have him stumble a few times and the crowd will get behind him. WWE knows people hate Cena because he wins all the time. Don’t push Reigns as hard as Cena and you won’t ruin Reigns to the point of no return like Cena was. I don’t want to hate Roman Reigns. I don’t want to fast forward through his matches because I know the result. Don’t make him into the next Cena to the point where everyone hates him. Make him the next top face, yes, but don’t make him unbeatable. No one likes someone who is unbeatable. No one pays to watch the same result.

We keep paying for the same thing, the same show, and expect a different result. That makes us idiots, does it not?

If Reigns has to beat Lesnar at WM31 for the belt, do the intelligent thing and have Rollins cash in and win the title at the end of the show.

Btw, the Shield documentary was amazing. But even in that, it kind of made it seem like Reigns was so much better than Rollins and Ambrose.

The next topic is the useless pieces of trash known as the Bella Twins.

No one ever wanted a feud between the Bella Twins. No one. Not one single person. And we’re seeing why. The Bellas are useless pieces of trash that have jobs because of who they’re fucking. End of story.

They’re getting an actual feud that’s getting what they think is hype because of who they’re fucking and a pathetic reality tv show. They are TAKING AIRTIME from what COULD AND SHOULD BE the BEST DIVAS STORYLINE THIS SIDE OF TRISH/LITA and TRISH/MICKIE in AJ/PAIGE for this God awful trash. You know how I know there is no God? The Bella Twins are getting a storyline against each other.

Neither one can talk. Neither one can wrestle. Neither one is attractive. Neither one is intelligent. Neither one brings anything to the table. Why do they have jobs?

“But Nikki, we were holding hands in the womb!”
“I wish you died in the womb!”

No talent vs. Less than no talent.

Nikki is upset over Brie trying to stand out between the two of them because of her slightly improved wrestling skills, even though Nikki got a boob job I guess she wasn’t trying to stand out. Way to ruin your finishing move, Nikki! Also congrats on making your finisher’s name be related to your tits. You aren’t a power wrestler, by the way.

WWE is putting a huge spotlight on this while the real women’s wrestlers known as Paige and A.J. are struggling to get tv time, a decent storyline, and time for their matches. A.J. vs. Paige, given the right amount of time, the right storyline, and so on, could be so good that it could be match of the year contender. (Granted, the crowd would be too busy chanting C.M. Punk like the fucking psychotic morons they are, but that’s not A.J.’s or Paige’s faults, that’s the facts the fans are stupid assholes who think they’re more important than the actual show and can’t move the fuck on because C.M. PUNK DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THEM AND I’M ONE OF HIS BIGGEST FANS YET I’M SAYING IT BECAUSE FANS ARE FUCKING DUMB.)

The only thing a Bella vs. Bella match could ever contend for is WORST MATCH OF THE YEAR.

You know it’s a good thing that WWE didn’t fire Emma for accidentally stealing something because the Bella Twins have been intentionally stealing airtime from exceptionally more talented women FOR YEARS.

Cancel Total Divas. Fire the Bellas. Fire Eva Marie.

Some other random thoughts:

Why is Cesaro going for the U.S. Title? At least have him face Dolph. He’s been U.S. Champion and he shouldn’t want the irrelevant belt.

Little Gold Star should either beat the Usos, or the Ascension should debut at Night of Champions.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins Hell in a Cell must main event the October PPV.

It was hard for me to deal without Punk. Add to that Bryan being out, it doesn’t help. Not to the extent of Punk, but it doesn’t help. But now that Ambrose will be gone for a few weeks, it’s going to be really hard on me.

Can Adam Rose just be Leo Kruger now or what?

NXT is the best wrestling show going these days.

Triple H turning down Kurt Angle from a return is stupid.

WWE needs to stop having shows with horrible crowds. Green Bay has proven twice in a row that their crowds are awful, and Anaheim this week showed they deserve no more shows as well.

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