Did I just watch an actual good PPV from WWE? Because I think I just did. That was easily the best show since WM30. Now, I’m not sure I would call it better than WM – I don’t think so. But it’s hard to argue it’s not second best.

The first match was The Miz defending the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler. It was a good opener and I must say that, while I’m never going to be a fan of the Miz, his not wanting to be hit in the face deal can lend to adding some psychology to his matches. And to be honest, I thought the match was going to go that he would finally overcome being hit in the face and managing to win anyway. And, while he did overcome that, he did not get the win. I will say, when Miz popped up off the fame-ass-er and hit the SCF on Ziggler, and Dolph kicked out – well, if I didn’t have two friends over I probably would’ve freaked out. I did the closest thing I’ve done to legit marking out when Dolph won the title in a long time – hell, it’s probably the closest thing I’ve done to that since Dolph won the World Title, outside of somewhat lesser markouts but still markouts nonetheless for when Paige debuted and then for A.J. returning. But Dolph is the NEW Intercontinental Champion and today is a wonderful day because of it. I almost want to cry – it’s been a year of torture for Dolph and he’s finally out of the doghouse and I just hope something dumb like him losing it tomorrow night doesn’t happen. Now if only Sandow could get out of his painful run.

Rating: ***

Next was A.J. Lee defending the WWE Second Rate Women’s Championship against Paige in another good match. I would still like their matches to be longer. The memorable spots between them that I can think of at the moment include Paige slamming A.J. face first into the barricade from her shoulders, Paige crawling over A.J. leading the crowd to think of something that wasn’t PG until she started headbutting A.J., and Paige reversing the Black Widow into her second impact finisher – the elevated DDT she used on Naomi – for the win. I expected a submission win, or that A.J. would pass out from the Scorpion Cross Lock but retain – but that was not the case. Continue this feud for months, please. I’m happy for Paige but I’m sad for A.J. I haven’t had two people I’ve liked this much face each other except for Shield vs. Wyatts for a while.

Rating: **1/2

Next was the “flag” match between Rusev and Jack Swagger, which wasn’t so much a flag match as it was a regular match, as it ended in submission. It was decent, I suppose. Nothing super memorable. Although, I was happy to see Rusev actually selling the effects of the ankle lock, so maybe he’s not that bad. Rusev wins though, to no surprise.

Rating: **1/2

Next was the match everyone came to see, Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins in a….lumberjack match. This match was very fun, as expected, although the stipulation still annoys me. That being said, they still managed to brawl through the crowd for a while after escaping the lumberjacks, which was fun, until Kane made the lumberjacks chased them. Naturally when it looked like Ambrose would get powerbombed off into nothingness and then they got pulled away, the crowd booed and was angry. This is called WWE trolling real fans in the middle of a match. Anyways, the problem lies in the fact that since Kane was out there, you knew he was going to cost Ambrose the match, which he did. Joy. The lumberjacks may have gotten him out but not before allowing Rollins to hit Ambrose with the briefcase for the win. Hopefully the next match they have is indeed Falls Count Anywhere.

Rating: ***1/2

Next was Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt II. This match was much better than their first one, although I still think it could have been better. Either way, Jericho’s new entrance was freaking awesome. I do like that they did essentially the same finish as they had for Wyatt vs. Bryan at the Rumble, but I still think the one with Bryan was more insane because Wyatt caught him from a suicide dive and slammed Bryan into the barricade from that. But this was good, and hopefully the next match is even better.

Rating: ***

Next was Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella in an okay match that ended after Nikki Bella turned heel to absolutely no one’s surprise. The only solace we can get from a Bella vs. Bella feud is getting to watch the Bellas beat the shit out of each other, too bad the mic work will suck and the wrestling will too, and infinitely more talented women will get less time for their matches because of this.

Rating: **

Next was Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton in a decent match. I guess they expected this match to lull the fans because it was between the two main events, and it probably did. I didn’t really get too into this match until the very end. That RKO was amazing, and I almost thought he won. But too many heels had won so I knew Reigns had to win this. And I swear, I’ve been thinking for a week now that the finish of this match was Orton goes for a punt but Reigns spears him right out of it, and I was close, but not quite. But Reigns wins and that’s that.

Rating: **1/2

And finally, John Cena defended Daniel Bryan’s, Dolph Ziggler’s, and former WWE superstar C.M. Punk’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar in a German Suplex match. Lesnar literally hit sixteen German Suplexes and two F-5’s and now he’s the WWE Champion. John Cena hit one F-U and got the STF in and one comeback and that was it. But Brock hit four German Suplexes for as many German commentators as there were at the random German announce table. Brock wins, and here we are.

Rating: ***

Overall the show was very enjoyable, and now we have to wonder where things go from here.

Overall Rating: ****

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