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It’s time for one of my random wrestling posts that seem to be coming all the less frequent in recent memory. Well, did I ever really post regularly about wrestling outside of for PPV weeks? I don’t know. I guess there was those few months where I did like, three months of Raw and SD thoughts, but those fizzled quickly. Naturally it was the buildup to WM27 so you can see why that was torture.

Still, I feel like I used to talk about wrestling more often than just one weekend a month. It’s a shame, really. But, the times when it’s good, I don’t feel the need to write because I’m actually enjoying the show. But even now, when it’s bad, I’m almost too apathetic to care because after going through month after month, year after year of – well, torture is probably too harsh a word, but it’s the word I’m going to use for lack of a better one.

It’s been a long time since wrestling’s been amazing. And in all honesty, the only times I can consider wrestling to be amazing was when I started watching in 2001 to sometime in the beginning of 2005. Or, maybe that’s just me being biased to around when I started watching – if I didn’t enjoy that time then you’d have to question how I became a wrestling fan to begin with, in all honesty. But it probably is a bias – it’s the bias that all of the fans who grew up in the attitude era have towards that time in wrestling and always compare what we have now to that and call this crap and that gold. You talk shit about their attitude era and they will burn your house down. Maybe something happens once you watch it for a while, use the internet, and get privy to how things work and that internet fan mentality infects your mind and all of a sudden, if it’s not what you want, it’s awful.

On one hand, it’s easy to be angry with how WWE runs its business. On the other hand, it’s never really as bad as you make it out to be. There are some good things going on if you look for it. This past Raw was really good, outside of a few segments.

All that being said, I’m just going to talk about some things – I have no real plan for this – so excuse me if I keep jumping from subject to subject.

I’ll be honest, since I started watching in 2001, this is the first time I’ve had to struggle to keep myself watching. Every fan probably goes through that process of starting not to like it, starting to hate it, but not really being able to stop watching because there’s always that little gleam of hope that “Hey, maybe things will get better next week.” And then they don’t, and you keep watching. Been there. Done that. Right now, if I could find something to do, I would stop watching. But I just can’t. I have nothing better to do, really. Especially considering it’s so easy to just dvr the shows and just fast forward to the things you want to see, not at least watching your favorites seems kind of silly. I don’t watch Raw live anymore – there’s no good reason to. (Except for when I’m in the arena, to be fair.) To anyone who watches it live every week, I don’t know how you do it. You are a stronger person than me.

The reason I’m so apathetic at the moment is that I’m without a clear cut favorite guy. C.M. Punk is gone. He is not coming back. (Or if he is, it’s not going to be for several years – but when he says “I’m never coming back,” I’m inclined to believe him.) Whatever. I’m over it. It sucks, but it’s over with. I have no ill will towards Punk. He owes me nothing. I do not blame him for leaving. He did NOT quit on his fans. He quit the company. He told Vince and whomever to fuck off. He did not go to his fans and say “screw off.” To anyone who says he quit on his fans, you are morons.

That being said, the fan base needs to move the fuck on. It is August. He left before January ended. People still chant C.M. Punk EVERY FUCKING WEEK. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW STUPID YOU SOUND? I can’t even enjoy myself an A.J. Lee segment or match because the fans are too busy chanting C.M. FUCKING PUNK. A.J. IS NOT C.M. PUNK. A.J. IS MARRIED TO HIM. THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, A.J. IS NOT A DUDE WITH TONS OF TATTOOS.


The only acceptable time to hear a C.M. Punk chant is in the middle of those random night after WM chants. Not during an A.J. match.

In all honesty – A.J. is probably one of the people I mark for most these days. It’s been a long time since I can say a women’s wrestler did that. In fact, I’m not sure I could ever say that. Even in the days of Lita or Mickie James, I’m not sure they ever reached the status of being one of the reasons I’m watching the show every week. I’ll go out on a limb and say that A.J. is my favorite diva of all time. There I said it. I really do like the whole group of women’s wrestlers WWE has right now. I love A.J. and Paige. And I really like Emma, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte’s growing on me even if she looks too much like her father for me not to think she looks frightening, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen out of Becky Lynch so far. I guess I should put Naomi on this list before I trash everyone else on Totally Irrelevant Divas. (Does anyone know why the A.J. fanbase and the Paige fanbase hate each other? I’ve heard that’s a thing and I don’t understand why. They should be banding together in unison for supporting women that can wrestle in a time when most of the time devoted on tv to women goes to awful trash from Total Divas.)

Everyone on Total Divas should be fired, except for Naomi, Summer Rae, and if Natalya could stop being a douche, she could stay. Everyone else on that show is utter garbage. That’s not an opinion. That’s fact. Brie Bella can’t act. Nikki Bella can barely do anything. Cameron can do even less. And Eva Marie literally can’t do anything properly. No one can explain to me why she has a job. She can’t wrestle. She isn’t attractive. So, what is it? For that matter, please explain Lana’s existence, too? A lot of people are under some incorrect assumption that she’s hot, but that’s clearly not true.

Here’s a solid fact: The only women that should be main eventing an episode of Raw in 2014 should be A.J. Lee. The only woman Stephanie McMahon should be coming back to compete against should be A.J. Lee. She should not be facing the slightly not bad Bella Twin. A.J. Lee is the best female wrestler WWE had right now, and she is the best since Mickie James or even Lita. She is, AT WORST, the third best women’s wrestler in WWE history. (Behind only Lita/Mickie, obviously.) If anyone should get that honor of beating the ever living shit out of Stephanie McMahon, it is A.J. It is certainly not the diva that will never be anything more than slightly not bad.

To Brie’s credit, she has improved since she has started in WWE. Being married to Daniel Bryan will do that. Truth be told, she didn’t need to improve to keep her job, though, which is the sad part. Now that Nikki has implants and Brie is clearly the superior wrestler, we finally know which Bella Twin has no talent and which Bella Twin has less. I will never stop using that line because it will never not be true.

Also, Brie, learn some words other than bitch.

Instead of ending shows with Brie and Stephanie, end shows with A.J. and Paige. We’re starting the best women’s storyline in many years and Brie and Stephanie are going to overshadow it. Also, we’re starting the best women’s storyline in years and all YOU can do is chant C.M. Punk – YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

The Usos, I like you, but you are becoming the John Cena of the tag division. You needed to lose those titles to the Wyatt Family a month ago.

I love Bray Wyatt, but he’s really fallen off a cliff since losing to Cena. He really should have won two of the three matches against Cena, not the other way around. Now, what really is he? As much as I love the concept of a Wyatt/Jericho feud, it hasn’t really gone anywhere in five weeks. Why is Wyatt attacking Jericho? Why? And the first match was too short to be considered good. Please make this feud better. Also anyone who chants Husky Harris or boring at Bray should be banned from arenas. YOU ARE NOT THE SHOW.

Unless the past couple of weeks are of any indication of an improvement, Cesaro is directionless. Fix this.

Dolph Ziggler is finally out of the doghouse it seems, only a year later and eight months too late to get his World Title back. If you have any ounce of respectability, WWE, you will put that IC Title on him at SummerSlam. The Miz, to his credit, is doing his best work since before he was WWE Champion. Too bad he’s doing Tyler Breeze’s gimmick in NXT.

Can Kane just stop? I just don’t care anymore.

I will not turn on Roman Reigns when he becomes the next John Cena. I will not turn on Roman Reigns when he becomes the next John Cena. I will not turn on Roman Reigns when he becomes the next John Cena. I will not turn on Roman Reigns when he becomes the next John Cena. I will not turn on Roman Reigns when he becomes the next John Cena.

Seth Rollins, you are awesome. But your theme is not. Change it.

Adam Rose, you used to be Leo Kruger. You are not Leo Kruger anymore. You should probably be Leo Kruger.

Sheamus, if you lost more often and your character wasn’t a heel in a face facade, you’d probably be enjoyable to watch. But, your ten forearm thing on the ropes is not a legal maneuver because you should either be DQ’ed every time, or counted out. Fix this.

Damien Sandow, I don’t know what you did to deserve what’s happening to you. I’m guessing you probably said you weren’t afraid of Randy Orton while screwing his girlfriend.

Randy Orton, be psycho Orton all the time. Also, fans who think the table is supposed to break when he RKO’s someone onto it should probably realize that’s not the case.

Stardust is awesome. But he needs to start having matches.

Bo Dallas lost to R-Truth. Am I supposed to care anymore?

This new Nation thing might never be called that, but fans will automatically call it that because it reminds them of something from the past.

Dean Ambrose is slowly but surely becoming my clear cut favorite, but it’s going to take sometime before he completely replaces Punk. His promos, wrestling, and just character in general are so good. His theme has grown on me, even though I wish it was better. His feud with Rollins is the best thing going right now.

Brock Lesnar must wrestle at EVERY PPV if he is to be WWE Champion. END OF STORY.

Commentary is terrible. Jerry Lawler needs to go. So does Cole. JBL can stay if he fixes his issues. Bring up William Regal and Renee Young.

WWE signing Kenta, Prince Devitt, and Kevin Steen is cool, I suppose. I’ve never seen them, but I’m sure they’re good. I mean, the internet would kill me if I said something else, probably. I hope Kenta doesn’t get forced into playing some kind of Japanese stereotype. I know he used the GTS first, but I hope he doesn’t do it otherwise he’s just going to get C.M. Punk chants.

WWE not having as many WWE Network subscribers doesn’t surprise me at all. That’s what happens when you push it on people so much and it’s not that important. Put out a good product and then maybe people will subscribe.

I’m tired of hearing about Sting already. Those fans who were disappointed by that announcement shouldn’t be disappointed because it clearly wasn’t going to be him showing up on Raw.

Raw needs to go back to two hours. Smackdown should be cancelled, unless it’s going to start having a purpose.

Rusev needs to go. Lana needs to go. Jack Swagger needs to go. Zeb Colter needs to learn something about gender equality.

It doesn’t surprise me that TNA is losing its tv deal. It’s been mostly trash since 2010. Trying to copy WWE while also trying to make themselves look better by bashing WWE for so long has finally caught up to them. Good riddance.

NXT is quickly becoming the best wrestling show I watch.

Anyways, I think that’s all the time I have for tonight.

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