Well, Battleground ended and it’s time to just get this over with. This is really a tough show to call. I was looking forward to this show going in, mostly because the card was stacked, but the only things that delivered to its full potential, the wrong people won, except for on one occasion. The only good things, anyway. The things I expected to suck did indeed suck.

For an example of something that delivered but the wrong people won, I give you exhibit A: The Usos retaining the WWE World Tag Team Championship against the Wyatt Family. Now, don’t get me wrong, the match was very good. The first two falls were quick, so it gave me the indication that it wasn’t going to be as good as expected, but the third fall made up for that. Rowan kicked out of a splash which is great. The Double Superplex was awesome. And while the Double Splash was cool, the only thing I could do during it was facepalm because I knew the Usos were retaining. Terrible decision. The Wyatts have looked terrible since WrestleMania – all three of them – and they’ve done nothing to help change that.

Rating: *** (Would be higher if the right team won.)

Now, the Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins match never happened, which I’m not surprised by. It’s one of three matches they should’ve saved for SummerSlam and this is easily the hottest one, so I’m fine with what we got. In fact, the three instances of the Ambrose vs. Rollins beatdowns were easily the best things about this show. All of it was awesome.

The second match, and the only match that didn’t let me down, was A.J. defending the WWE Second Rate Women’s Championship against Paige. Sure, it’s clear that they didn’t go all out either, but it was still a good match. They will have another match, and another. Those will both be even better. Paige yelling come on A.J. was kind of awkward, unless it was some kind of psychotic episode. Anyways, A.J. retained as expected, and tomorrow Paige will be heel. I really want Paige to turn heel when the lyrics of A.J.’s theme that go “Every night, a brand new page” play over the speakers – that’s when the attack should happen. Please do this.

Rating: **1/2 (I think I’m about to have a divas match be my favorite match on the show to be honest.)

Jack Swagger lost by countout to Rusev in a bad match as expected, although the finish wasn’t terrible. But really, I hate them all and have nothing good to say.

Rating: *

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt wasn’t a bad match by any means, but it was WAY too short. The ending was completely out of nowhere. Once again, the Wyatts look terrible and this didn’t help as Jericho wins with a Codebreaker out of nowhere. They really should’ve just saved this for SummerSlam.

Rating: **1/2

The WWE Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal was enjoyable, but not without it’s shared of WTF moments either. Some thoughts:

1) Where was Rob Van Dam?
3) Best part: Dolph Ziggler eliminated not only Alberto Del Rio (YAYAYAYAY), but Sheamus as well (OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG)
4) Unfortunately The Miz still won because he’s a douche. Apparently Dolph can get rid of two douches, but three is too many. Damnit, The Miz is a good heel but he doesn’t deserve anything in this business. Just go away.
5) WWE Intercontinental Championship status: Complete irrelevance
6) The Great Khali only knows one move.

Rating: **1/2

And finally, John Cena retained Daniel Bryan’s and former WWE Superstar C.M. Punk’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton, Kane, and Roman Reigns in a “Wrestler A hits finisher on Wrestler B and Wrestler C breaks up the pin” Match, and it was as boring as expected. I love how there was a Cena Reigns stare down #AndNoOneCared. Also, they keep coming up with dumber and dumber finishes. #LOLCenaWins Not even a cash in attempt or Brock Lesnar appearance afterwards.

Rating: *

Overall, I’m not sure what to say about this show. The first forty minutes to an hour were really good, then the only thing worth going out of your way to see wasn’t even a match.

Overall Rating: **1/2

This is not the kind of show you put on if you want people to buy your network. Also, if you’re watching the show on the network, you should NEVER be advertised the network to. I can’t imagine how people outside the U.S. who can’t get the network no matter what feel when they’re being shilled the network to 38984938 times a show. What do you do with yourselves during this time? Next time don’t put tons of good matches on a show you know you should be saving for a later show. Also, I see SummerSlam is in Los Angeles for a change……….STOP THAT. WHY DOES LA KEEP GETTING THE SECOND BIGGEST PPV FOR A FIFTH YEAR IN A ROW? THERE’S ONLY ONE COOL PERSON IN L.A. AND SHE’S NOT A WRESTLING FAN. [/End irrelevant rant.]

Anyways, that’s all.

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