So, Money in the Bank has just ended, and I feel the need to get the review done as quickly as possible because, well, I’ve got nothing else to do. Definitely a good show – only one match felt completely uncalled for – and nothing really rageworthy happened. I might’ve changed how a few things were done, but it is what it is.

In fact, the only thing I’m really kind of mad about is because one of the outcomes of the title match completely bugged me. I mean, I was so hoping for some new blood getting the championship and I didn’t get it. Yep, I’m pissed the Wyatts didn’t win the tag team titles. I wanted the Wyatts to beat the Usos so badly, but once their match was first I knew it wasn’t happening. It’s not that I dislike the Usos – they are very talented – but I’ve grown tired of how they’ve been booked since getting involved with the Cena/Wyatt feud. And now that the Wyatts haven’t won the belts, and Wyatt looked fairly terrible in his feud with Cena, who knows where they go from here, because their stock has dropped dramatically since before WM30. Remember when they were doing so much to build up Wyatt to feud with Cena? Nice to see how well that’s played out for them. Regardless, random truth aside, this match was very good. There were a number of times I thought this match was over and it kept going. Very good way to start the show, and I hope the Wyatts get their rightful titles soon. Also, their new music tonight was far superior than that crap from Monday.

Rating: ***

Next, Paige defended the WWE Second Rate Women’s Championship against Naomi in a decent match. It’s easily one of the better women’s matches we’ve gotten recently, although that top rope botch is possibly going to be the only thing this match is really known for. There were some nice submissions, though, and I was happy to see Paige win with what I think was her second finisher in NXT, unless I’m wrong and that isn’t the RamPaige. Good to see that Cameron didn’t cost the match – a podcast I listen to was certain that Naomi was going to be occupying Paige’s time through SummerSlam – you know, as if A.J.’s not going to be back by after the next PPV. The only logical reason she isn’t back yet now that her wedding is over is because they’re saving this feud for SummerSlam. I mean, if title win for Paige wasn’t to lead to an A.J. vs. Paige feud then I don’t know what the purpose was.

Rating: *1/2

Next we had Adam Rose vs. Paul Revere Damien Sandow in what I’m assuming was a typical Adam Rose match because I was eating throughout most of this. So, no problems. And hey, at least Damien Sandow made it onto a PPV! PUSH SANDOW AS A NORMAL CHARACTER FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

Rating: **

Next was the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This was easily the match of the night. I mean, by now we know what to expect in these, so I don’t really need to point out everything. Some awesome spots – the powerbomb and superplex off the ladder being the most notable. Was pulling for Ziggler the entire time but knew he wasn’t going to win once he went through three people and took them all out. Knew that was too good to mean he was going to win. But the finish of this match just killed it – really, Kane killed a lot of the enjoyment out of this show, in both ladder matches. Kane coming out and costing Ambrose the match and helping Rollins just made me pissed off – I’m happy for Rollins. I really am. Out of the entire Shield, you’d think he’d get the shortest end of the stick. Now he’s got a MITB briefcase. But the finish of this match could’ve been so much better.

Rating: ***1/2

Next was Stardust and Goldust vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel. From now on, I’m calling the team of Goldust and Stardust “Little Gold Star,” for reasons only fellow fans of Allison Scagliotti may understand. But that’s just me. Anyways, nice little match – I don’t know why Stardust needed to win via rollup though. Also nice Snapshot at the end of the match, there, Little Gold Star – wonder where you got the move from.

Rating: **

Next was Rusev vs. Big E, in a surprisingly not sucky match. I’m surprised that I was moderately entertained by this match, which is probably the best the two of them could’ve gone for. Can Lana just go away, though? A lot of people are under the incorrect assumption that she’s hot or something, but they’re obviously wrong. Also, Rusev still needs a finisher that doesn’t look like rape.

Rating: **1/2

Next was the most unnecessary match of the night – Summer Rae vs. Layla with Fandango as the referee. I honestly have nothing good to say about it. Layla won, woohoo.

Rating: DUD

And finally, the Ladder Match for Daniel Bryan’s Vacated WWE World Heavyweight Championship. LOLCENAWINS, am I right? Anyways, I really don’t care that Cena won – I don’t. There weren’t really many options in this match. Del Rio would’ve been terrible, Kane too, Sheamus would’ve made no sense, Orton would’ve been ok, and a new guy wouldn’t hold it for long so really, what was the best choice? (Bray Wyatt was, but that’s besides the point.) It’s just, this match wasn’t great. I’m not sure it was even good. Kane really ruined this match for me – every time it looked like it was going somewhere, Kane came in and threw a ladder away, or shoved someone out of the ring. Why didn’t Ambrose come get rid of him? I’d have been pissed if I was him, so where was he? A tombstone isn’t the end of someone’s night. There were some nice spots here and there, and I was genuinely interested to see what Cesaro and Sheamus were going to do with ladders turned on their side, until Cena came in and ruined it. And the finish to this was just as dumb – Cena just FU’s both Orton and Kane and that’s it? LOL. Stupid. Try harder. Try something creative. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Also, when you show Cena’s dad in the audience thirty minutes into the show, you’ve already given away the finish of the PPV.

Rating: ***

Overall, the show was pretty good, outside of some silly to stupid finishes. Only the Wyatts losing really bugs me, as much as a Cena Lesnar match for the title doesn’t excite me and the fact that Lesnar winning the title is completely senseless and illogical in terms of everything, but the rest of SummerSlam could be great. Anyways, I’d definitely say this is the second best show of the year, behind WM30.

Overall Rating: ***1/2

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