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So, it’s time for everyone’s favorite thing again! I know you all know what that means.

The following is a Public Service Announcement from the Mzrc Rant Department, brought to you by ROHbots and sponsored by the letter $.

Okay, so maybe it’s not brought to you by ROHbots because I don’t really know if that just refers to super ROH fans that push it on people and it’s not really directed at those fans, I JUST WANTED TO TYPE ROHBOTS OK????

Anyways. Moving along.

There’s been a debate over the last day or so over fans streaming PPVs on the internet. Well, we can call it a debate, or we can call it people throwing crap at each other over how much of a wrestling fan someone is if they don’t pay for it.

Yes, we’ve reached another version of wrestling fans making wrestling fans look bad. Sometimes you wonder why people look down at wrestling fans. I point you to exhibit A.

I’m not going to bother naming names of who I’ve seen doing this – it’s people I watch on Youtube/follow on Twitter. I’m not going to say any specific names because, let’s face it, I write a blog that few people read and I’m sure they’re not any of them. (I mean, why would they?) This is my tiny corner of the internet and the I think the post that’s had the most hits has nothing to do with wrestling, and that got 22 views, so it’s irrelevant.

So, it’s come to my attention that you are not a wrestling fan if you do not buy wrestling PPVs. Granted, this doesn’t pertain to me because I pay for my WWE Network and I’ve practically never streamed a PPV. I think I can count one time that I did, and it was after the fact.

So, let’s see – if I were to want to watch last night’s ROH “Best in the World” (Wonder if they stole that name from someone, btw.) PPV, and I bought it, that makes me a wrestling fan. But if I decided to watch it for free, I’m not a wrestling fan.

On a random note, these same people said in the same argument to stream WWE shows and UFC and pay for ROH. Because, you know, that’s not hypocritical.

Ok. First off, definition of “wrestling fan:” A fan of wrestling. A person who enjoys wrestling. A person who likes watching wrestling.

So, the only way you are a wrestling fan is if you buy the company’s PPVs. So, I guess there’s no reason to watch those weekly television shows. Those weekly tv shows aren’t for wrestling fans. No need to know the stories going into PPVs, just buy the shows and enjoy whatever the fuck you get!! You could get awesome wrestling. You could get Sharmell vs. Jenna Morasca. You’re a wrestling fan, so you can feel proud of that $$ you just spent on something you didn’t know you were getting.

I understand that Ring of Honor is a smaller company than WWE and that they need the money to keep growing. I’m not saying that those who can afford to pay for it, shouldn’t do it. By all means, do it. But, I am not an ROH fan. I do not watch ROH. That doesn’t mean I do not support them – I support all wrestling. I just don’t have time to watch every single company that exists – there are numerous ones, and I only have time in my life for so much. I have two passions – wrestling and hockey. But I can’t watch every wrestling promotion just like I can’t watch every hockey game, much less every hockey league.

I don’t believe ROH has a weekly tv show as it is, and if it is it’s on a channel I don’t get. I don’t know wherever their regular programming is and obviously I don’t watch it. So, if I were to want to watch their PPV last night, why would I want to pay $30-35 for wrestling that I don’t know if it’s going to be good or not? I’ll tell you – I heard that ROH was going to have a PPV, I became interested in potentially watching it, looked at it on the tv guide, saw that it was $30, knew that wasn’t something I could afford, and passed it by.

Granted, I didn’t stream it, so I guess I’m still a wrestling fan, right??

You see how silly that sounds? It’s too bad that I didn’t end up watching the show for free because then maybe I would be able to see the show, perhaps get invested into wrestlers on the show, and maybe, I don’t know, become an ROH fan. I’m not going to become a fan by not watching at all, am I?

Before I go further, the reason I don’t stream PPVs is because I refuse to use websites I don’t know, basically. If it’s not a major social media site, I’m probably not using it on my computer. It’s probably just paranoia, but I don’t want to potentially get crap on my computer. The only PPV I’ve watched on my computer that wasn’t paid for was TNA Desination X 2012, when Austin Aries won the title. I’d stopped watching TNA previously in 2010 sometime, and this was the first thing from them I watched (on Youtube after the fact) after hearing about how good it was. Guess what? It got me back into TNA, to the point where I bought Bound For Glory that year and went to their next show in Chicago the next year, before stopping watching near the end of 2013 after it became crap again. But streaming the show served it’s purpose of getting me to watch for another year.

So, if I don’t pay for a PPV, I’m not a wrestling fan. Cool. What if I can’t afford it? What if I’m broke as fuck and I want to watch it? What if that $35 will make me overdraft my bank account? Why shouldn’t I get to watch it if I can’t afford it? The option is available. If I can’t pay for it, and I want to watch it, I’m going to watch it. I’m not going to shill out $35 for every PPV a company puts out – I’m not rich.

If I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it. Who are you to tell me if I am a wrestling fan or not if I can afford to buy their PPVs? So, I guess you’re only able to be wrestling fans if you’re fucking rich. Considering the stereotype of a wrestling fan is a southern, drunk, uneducated, low class, poor person, that’s pretty groundbreaking.

I’m sorry that not all of us can afford to do that. That doesn’t make the ones who still watch it not wrestling fans. When watching something for free is an option, you’re going to watch it for free. No matter who you are. No one’s going to spend money on things that they don’t need to. It’s not logical – wrestling isn’t a necessity. It’s something you watch on tv. Unless you NEED wrestling to live, it’s a leisure expense. When you have a budget, those are the things that get cut first. But why shouldn’t I get to watch it? If I can watch it, and I can’t pay for it, then why wouldn’t I watch it?

You guys who think you don’t get to watch it unless you pay for it – I’m willing to bet you’ve snuck into a movie. I mean, we’ve all done it. Are you now going to those movies you snuck into and expressing your shame? I guess I didn’t see all those movies. (Mzrc 100, AMC 1, btw.)

Also, do you guys work for this company? Because that’s what it sounds like.

Others have brought up people having PPV parties, or people going to bars to watch the shows. If I go to a friend’s to watch a PPV, I guess I’m not a wrestling fan. I guess those three years of watching wrestling PPVs at a bar I wasn’t actually a wrestling fan. I guess my blog hasn’t existed for the past three years. Hell, I guess that means I don’t know both of my blog friends, because I met at least one of them in this time (Kelly), and sorry George but I can’t recall if it was before 2010 or after. I’M SORRY GUYS I DON’T KNOW YOU ANYMORE. WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU READING MY BLOGS????? >.> lol.

WWE has blast areas which allow you to watch PPVs at bars. This is the same as someone watching it for free on the internet. I gave these bars at most $6 per person, $12 at most. I didn’t give WWE shit. Am I still a wrestling fan? I mean, it was a legal way for me to watch it provided by WWE. And it’s effectively the same as an internet stream.

Do not tell me what to do with my money. You do not handle my finances. You do not pay my already $173 cost cable bill. Why would I pay $35 more when I already have a $90 phone bill, $80 car insurance bill, $100 going towards a cable bill, $100 health insurance bill, and $400 a month going towards rent, $50+ a week for food, $60+ a month for gas, and I make $1200 a month. Do the math – I basically get $200 a month that isn’t spent. And I’m trying to save up money for a PS4 and also moving out. If I want to watch wrestling, I will. I’m a wrestling fan. I enjoy watching wrestling. I will watch it if I can. I will pay for it if I can. I will not be told that I am not a wrestling fan if I didn’t pay for it. You are not more of a wrestling fan than a person who didn’t pay for it. You are only more of a wrestling fan than someone if you enjoy watching wrestling more than them.

If I were someone who streamed this PPV, enjoyed it, and was happy I watched it – I would not feel one ounce of shame. I would instead go watch more of the company’s product. That’s what you should want as ROH fans. This kind of behavior will only alienate others from watching your beloved company’s product – I know I don’t want to watch it now because the fans of it are douchebags. I’ll just wait for all of the good talent to show up on NXT like they seem to and move on. But because I still kind of want to watch it, I’m going to go try to find it on Youtube and not feel bad about it one bit.

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