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I’ve been a fan of NBC’s The Voice since the show began – it’s the only singing show of the 7483974839284 singing competition shows that I watch. Mainly that’s because I’m probably at such a disconnect with what the general population listens to on a regular basis – whether it’s stuff that’s on the radio these days, which is at least 97% trash, or older music from back in the day, and I’m into none of that.

Case in point: The other day I was in the car with a friend who turned his phone to a Katy Perry song, at some point I asked him to remove the trash from the radio. His reply was yelling “It’s Katy fucking Perry” to which I replied “That’s the point.”

I don’t know, maybe I’m in a weird niche in terms of music taste, and hell, that’s probably true. Even if it is rock-centric, I even think that maybe it’s kind of strange. (My music taste is essentially: If it’s not rock, it probably sucks. Usually that’s right, but not always the case.)

But, after several seasons of watching the show, I’ve found that it can be a little unfair, and I’m going to use two contestants to illustrate my point. These two are season three winner, Cassadee Pope, and who I believe will win this season, Christina Grimmie. Now, before you throw me under the bus because you think I’m insulting them, I am not. I rooted for Cassadee to win since I saw her audition. I’m not particularly a fan of Christina, but I don’t think she isn’t talented or anything. My reasoning has nothing to do with the two singers themselves or their talents. Do NOT take it that way. Just hear me out.

Case 1: Cassadee Pope

Now, I wanted Cassadee to win and I’m very happy she did. But, when she did win, it was kind of anticlimactic to me, because I knew for weeks that she was going to win. No one else really stood a chance. That’s not a knock on Terry McDermott or Nicholas David, the two who also made the finals – they are both very talented singers. But here’s the reason it was anticlimactic and not a surprise – the ITunes voting is completely unfair. Well, it can be.

I’ve commented on this before, although never really on a public forum. Here’s how the iTunes voting works: 1 song download = 1 vote, simple enough. (You can buy the song up to ten times, although I don’t know who would do that.) But, if your song makes the top ten chart on ITunes, those votes are all multiplied by ten. That’s alright, I suppose, if those votes counted just for that week. But here’s the kicker: If you make the finale, every single ITunes vote from the start of the live shows counts towards your total. All of them. I guess if everyone on the show’s song are scattered around the charts, it doesn’t matter, but let’s look at season 3 a little further.

Now, it’s been a year and a half, so my memory fails me a little. But, Cassadee’s first song that hit the top 10, Over You, was actually number 1. Then, every week after that, her songs made the top 10 at the very least. A couple of times there were even to songs. I just checked the season 3 wiki, and she had 7 songs in the top ten, and Terry and Nicholas had 3, maybe four each, tops. Imagine how many buys/votes it takes to get into the top 10 on itunes a night. A lot. (Unless itunes is selling very little, which it isn’t.)

No matter how many other kind of votes you get via other methods, you can probably see that the one who’s getting “Huge Number #1 X 7 X 10” votes from ITunes is way more likely to win than the ones getting “Huge Number#2,3 X 2, 3, or 4 X 10).”

Cassadee’s Itunes votes were somewhere between 150-300% of Terry’s and Nicholas’s, just from the number of songs they all had reach the top ten. (Cassadee really had 6, but she sand Over You a second time in the last week, and it made top 10 a SECOND time and counted as a top 10 a SECOND time – it was like, Cassadee’s going to win, but just to make sure, sing this again!) Then consider that the number of itunes votes Cassadee got, before being multiplied by 70, already were more than Terry’s and Nicholas’s Itunes votes before being multiplied by 20, 30, or 40, and you can see where I’m coming from.

Terry and Nicholas never stood a chance. It doesn’t matter what the phone and website voting resulted in when you’ve got someone with (let’s just say, for example, a top 10 song requires a million buys) somewhere between a 30-50 million vote headstart on the others. When you’re 30 million votes ahead, you’ve already won. (Even if I’m overestimating the amount of buys it takes to make the top 10, it’s still proportional, so the end result is whatever the real number it would take to make the top 10’s equivalent of “at least 30 million votes ahead.”)

I think you can follow that. Again – this is nothing to do with Cassadee herself, it’s to do with the voting system.

Case 2: Christina Grimmie

Now, post Cassadee Pope, I don’t know if anyone has had that kind of Itunes voting thing happening. I haven’t followed the seasons since then to the point where I knew who was in the top 10 each week. Maybe that’s because there was only one person in season four I even rooted for (Michelle Chamuel), and season 5 I stopped watching after the obvious winner, Kat Robichaud, was eliminated far too early. (And I’m close to it this season, because obvious winner Kat Perkins is getting the same twitter instant save treatment that Kat Robichaud got, only Kat Perkins has been saved twice, and Kat Robichaud was only saved once, but Kat Robichaud is better than Kat Perkins, so I’m confused.)

I do want to mention that the fanbase of this show has a tendency to love the young, teenaged people who can sing more than seemingly anyone. They vote for them simply because they can sing decently, and they’re teenagers. It’s not because they’re the best. It’s because they’re teenagers. Remember Xenia in season one? Yea, that was a mistake. The show also has a habit of getting the person who should win to the finale, only for her to get second place (Season 1’s Vicci Martinez, Season 2’s Juliet Simms, Season 4’s Michelle Chamuel).

Anyways, I digress. Christina Grimmie is going to win the Voice this season by default. Why? She is an “Internet Sensation.” Guess how someone gets votes? Rallying their followers to vote for them on the internet. Let’s take a look at Twitter for a second here.

Josh Kaufman: 25, 975 followers
Kristen Merlin: 29, 703 followers
Kat Perkins: 41, 708 followers
Jake Worthington: 42, 597 followers
Christina Grimmie: 494, 069 followers

See the problem?

Ten times as many followers is the same thing as automatic win. The follower thing isn’t an exact science, obviously, as Kat is in the middle of this, but she’s the only once that’s been in danger since voting began, so obviously there are more than just internet votes that matter, which is good to see. (Although it explains why Kat’s the one being twitter saved).

Even so, it’s probably safe to say Christina’s going to win – and if somehow she doesn’t, she’ll never be eliminated for as long as there’s a twitter save, so she WILL make the finals.

The Voice needs to be a little more selective with who they allow to audition. Letting someone with that kind of following on the show is unfair to the other contestants. This show is to launch someone’s career – Christina Grimmie doesn’t need to be launched, it’s clear she’s doing pretty well for herself. She’ll end up with a music career with or without the show.

I know this squashes a personal dream of mine where Allison Scagliotti comes onto this show to launch a music career and wins by default because she has a fanbase already, but so be it.

On a random note, I’m liking this season that the ones who are in need of twitter saves get a chance to sing before the voting happens – it’s kind of like how So You Think You Can Dance has bottom six people do solos. I only hope that the winner of the twitter save’s “Save Me” song goes up on Itunes to help them catch up if they make the finals.

That’s all.

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