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I didn’t think I’d rant about Warehouse 13 fans, but I feel like I need to. The fact that there’s even one person who considers Warehouse 13 season 5 to not be Warehouse 13 because it does not contain anything related to H.G. Wells and Myka being a couple is borderline ridiculous to me. (Case in point: Last night’s episode? One of the best in the entire series.)

Do people not know that, outside of suggestion, Bering and Wells wasn’t legitimately a thing? There was not a time where Myka and H.G. were actually together. It was only suggested that they did through ambiguous dialogue. Consider that they could just be good friends, too. Outside of suggestion, where is there proof that it was anything more? Where is there any other reason to believe that Myka is even anything other than straight?

I’m sorry that a show cannot cater to your every demand because of circumstance and time constraints. Get a hold of yourselves. There is plenty of other things going on.

Please don’t mistake me as a Pyka shipper either. I’m neither. Pete and Myka are the least interesting characters on the show, in all honesty. I don’t care if Myka ends up with Pete. I don’t care if Myka ends up with H.G. It doesn’t matter to me. At all.

I’m simply saying that, generalizing Bering and Wells as the sole reason an entire audience loves Warehouse 13, is not fair. If it is to you, that’s fine. I accept that. I apologize that the show isn’t going the way you’d like it to. But I can’t buy that it’s the ONLY reason you enjoy the show, otherwise I don’t know how you got into the show to begin with, unless you watched one episode in mid-season 2, saw the suggested romance between the two characters, liked it, and went from there.

It’s only in a limited number of episodes, so I’d guess you saw the show, liked the general premise, and became a fan, like everyone else did. All of that? That’s still there. I don’t know what you’re complaining about. It’s not an alternate version of Warehouse 13 – H.G. Wells did not appear until season 2, so clearly the show can, has, and will exist without her and still be the same Warehouse 13 it’s always been.

If Warehouse 13 – H.G. Wells = Warehouse 13 Alternate Reality, then the first season of Warehouse 13 is Warehouse 13 Alternate Reality, but since that’s the first season, that’d mean Warehouse 13 Alternate Reality = Warehouse 13 “Original, What Everyone Fell In Love With” Reality. Considering Warehouse 13 Alternate Reality is implied to be a lesser version of Warehouse 13 Original Reality, that is a contradiction. End Proof. Math’d. (Follow?)

If you want an alternate Warehouse 13, you take out Artie, or Claudia, or both Pete and Myka at the same time. Or Steve, although maybe to a lesser extent. It’s only Warehouse 13 version “Not What I’m Used To” if a main character is removed. (Don’t say something about Leena. She’s not relevant. Never was.) I’m sorry, but H.G. is not a main character. If you’ve got a problem with that, take it up with Defiance. Defiance is mainly what killed Warehouse to begin with in my opinion, and hey, it also stops Jaime Murray from having time to be on Warehouse, so you’d be inclined to agree with me.

Again, I apologize that the show is not going the way you’d personally like it. But please, don’t generalize that an entire audience doesn’t love the episodes we’ve gotten, because that’s just overreacting.

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