Alright, it’s preview time for WWE Extreme Rules 2014,  and following the best WrestleMania in quite some time, we’re following it up with what looks to be another pretty good show. Let’s just get into the real card today – sometimes I mention the preshow, but considering there isn’t a preshow match that I know of (And don’t comment saying Hornswoggle vs. El Torito, because that’s not a match, that’s an atrocity to mankind), there’s no need to waste time.

Well, the first match is an obvious squash match with Alexander Rusev defeating R-Truth and Xavier Woods and that’s all there is to say about that.

Big E will defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship against the winner of the tournament, Bad News Barrett. Looking forward to this – would’ve liked to see Big E have a little more involvement than just being shown backstage watching matches on the tv, but it is what it is. I’ll say this – the tournament was a very good idea, and it’s something WWE should do more of, because it’s an easy way to build a contender. Barrett’s coming in off of four wins off of former world champions, and he looks strong. I don’t have a problem with either person winning, but if Barrett’s going to win, I’m hoping they actually do something with Barrett this time around, unlike his last reign where he just lost week after week. The problem with the midcard belts is that they just seem to exist and that’s it. Picking Barrett to win, but a Big E win wouldn’t surprise me.

The night after WrestleMania, I was very excited when Paige debuted and won the WWE Second Rate Women’s Championship from A.J. Lee because I’d been wanting a feud between them for a while, and the prospect of a feud and a submission match between them got me excited. For a divas feud. Unfortunately that hasn’t been able to happen yet because A.J. opted to take some time off, to which morons have thought she walked out simply because she’s engaged to C.M. Punk, and while she has taken to going to Blackhawks games with Punk, they are two different people, so try and differentiate between the one that’s occasionally an ass and the one with the ass. #Bazing (And I call Punk sometimes an ass as a term of endearment). Anyways, Paige will instead defend against Tamina, which shows to me that it’s clearly just a holdover until A.J. returns this month, maybe even at the PPV. (And I’ll get to see their first match live at Payback!) Some are upset over the somewhat lack of reaction Paige has gotten outside of an initial pop, but I’m putting that on A.J. not being around to feud with her – if their feud could’ve started immediately, I think Paige would have been built as a popular face fairly quickly. Anyways, Paige to win, hoping for a decent match.

The next match is Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger, which is fallout from the tournament, which is nice to see. Most of these matches have at least some kind of build or story going in, which is nice, because we don’t get that often these days. This match should be quite fun, and I’m expecting Cesaro to win because the others wouldn’t make much sense.

On to the main events, now. It’s kind of sad that a month after the huge title win for Daniel Bryan that his first defense of the title seems rather unimportant and predictable, but that’s not really on him, and it’s more on circumstance. Bryan won the title and everyone besides one person I watch on Youtube was happy about it, and then he got married and went on his honeymoon for a week, so he missed a week, and then he gets back and his father dies, so he’s rushed out of the show after the one segment of two that’s built his extreme rules match with Kane. Now, let me brace that with the fact that the stuff they have done to build this match has been good – Kane’s attacks have been good to brutal. It’s good that he has the mask back now because it’s safe to say that the Corporate Kane experiment failed. But, while the build has been good, it’s still predictable as Bryan’s not going to lose the belt to Kane after all that it took to get him to the top, and he’s taking a back seat to the other main events. But after this show, things will probably go back to normal.

Next is Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena in a Cage Match. The build coming out of WrestleMania has been good for this match. That last segment on Raw was creepy as hell, but awesome. Cena even cut a promo that didn’t suck on Monday – he was doing so well the entire show, until that interview segment. WWE is playing up that the crowd is turning their backs on Cena (because they just not figured it out that he’s been being booed since 2005, I guess) and supporting Wyatt. Whatever. Anyways, their WM match was good, and I’m thinking this will be too. They’re making it sound like it’s win by escape only, so with that being the case, I think that solidifies that Wyatt will win in some way, which is good. But if they want Cena to win, I’d accept it if they made Wyatt look like a monster that Cena cannot defeat, and at some point he drops to his knees with his arms out and goes crazy, telling Cena to finish him again, and Cena gets so freaked out that he runs in fear and escapes for the win.

And finally, we have what will probably close the show, The Shield vs. Evolution. I.AM.READY. This is going to be awesome to see the Shield whoop Evolution’s ass. I have the bad feeling that Evolution will win, which would be stupid – if they’re going to have this match, there’s no use for Evolution to beat the Shield, so that’s a big no. Don’t do it – I don’t care if Evolution just came back. Evolution isn’t going to be a constant thing going forward – Batista’s leaving to do movie stuff this month. This is clearly a one off match, and Orton will probably get a title rematch at Payback while Batista goes off and does his movie stuff, and Triple H goes and does his normal authority stuff. And let’s not involve an obvious Flair heel turn, because that’s unnecessary. This ends with Triple H on the receiving end of a Triple Powerbomb.

As usual review on Sunday.

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