I’ve seen an inordinate amount of hate going around tumblr and twitter in the past few weeks, and it’s been getting on my nerves. I’ve seen things along the lines of a person who is a fan of the Bella Twins AND Kelly Kelly AND Eve Torres say that A.J. is, has always been, and always will be a joke. Yes, you read that right – that statement came from someone who is a fan of the Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly, and Eve Torres. (Ok, maybe Eve was ok, but that still leaves the Bellas and Kelly.)

The irony. The Bella Twins are talentless pieces of trash that have jobs because of who they’re married to or dating. They can’t win a match without switching, which isn’t even possible anymore because Nikki got a boob job. The truth about the Bellas is that one has no talent, and the other, well the other has less. I used to say that I couldn’t tell which was which, but Brie is definitely the one with more, thus she has none. But being married to Daniel Bryan makes it nearly impossible to be as bad as she used to be. Nikki, on the other hand, has some delusion that she’s a power wrestler, and that the proper name for her finisher should be something related to her boobs. Regardless of the fact that Brie has indeed improved – the sad fact is that neither of them would have had to to maintain their jobs.

As far as Kelly Kelly was concerned, she screamed constantly during her matches to the point that they were unwatchable. I won’t say she was awful or anything in the ring, because compared to others, she was ok. But her awful, constant screaming, and perhaps one of the worst themes in wrestling history, make it difficult to want to watch her. And also, when a diva rolls out of the ring from the corner to avoid a stinkface, Kelly, the proper reaction is NOT screaming Come On! at them. What? Do you think that girl wanted you to rub your ass in her face or something? LOL. Congrats on thinking that your opponent was readily agreeing to take offense from you – your opponent wants to win the match. They want to defeat you. They want to get offense on you and then pin you. They aren’t going to be agreeable to you rubbing your ass in her face. Sorry.

I see things on here about A.J. being a joke, or whatever it may be, and it’s just funny how clouded people’s judgment really is. Are people so blind by face and heel that they think all heels legitimately suck because they don’t suck up to fans? Is it still real to you, damnit?

If you were paying attention the past few years, you’d have seen A.J. become the first diva to become relevant in YEARS. She’s the first diva to become legitimately popular since at least Mickie James. I’d reckon she’s even more popular than Mickie. I’d go back to Lita, or everyone’s apparent favorite Trish. (Which is stupid considering Lita has always been better than Trish.)

When A.J. talks about saving the divas division – that’s both true and misleading. She did save the divas division, because she’s been carrying it for over a year. Unfortunately, that’s misleading, considering she has had no legitimate competition from the time Kaitlyn seemed to disappear after their feud until the time Paige debuted.

I’m not saying Kaitlyn was amazing, but she was good, and her and A.J.’s feud, although too brief, was the first legitimate feud between divas that was interesting since Trish vs. Mickie. It takes two women to make that possible, and thus credit must be given to both. That feud should’ve lasted longer. A.J. should’ve remained champion, but it deserved better than one rematch and then a mixed tag match at SummerSlam.

After that, the only real competition for A.J. was Natalya, even though her promos were super-douchey. She also apparently blocks people on Twitter for simply being a fan of A.J. Being on a crappy reality show doesn’t make you better than the champion, even though WWE would have you believe as such.

I don’t understand how people can be so delusional to think that A.J. sucks because she is a heel. Granted, I did the same kind of thing when I was a younger and dumber wrestling fan (I thought Chris Jericho was boring at one point. Yea, I was pretty stupid.) but it still baffles me. I probably would’ve hated 14 year old wrestling fan me, at least in part.

I’ve seen posts recently that A.J. left WWE just like Punk did solely because she’s engaged to Punk. Fools. AJ and Punk are two different people, and just because she’s marrying someone who left, doesn’t mean she will do the same. A.J. also isn’t in the same position that Punk is. She’s a relative newcomer to the business compared to Punk. Punk doesn’t need WWE, WWE needs him. A.J. isn’t in that kind of boat, unless she’s going to live off of the money Punk has or something – she doesn’t strike me as that kind of person. Anyways, more on Punk later.

I’ve seen a report here and there that A.J. legit told Stephanie McMahon to fuck off and walked out, but those reports are clearly fake. The sad part is the some people believe them, and have started calling A.J. a bitch (more vulgar words were used). Do you not see that the person who wrote this report is just saying this because she is engaged to someone who did something like that? WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS TRUE? I could’ve written that, doesn’t mean it’s true.

People think that A.J. left or Punk is back because of a Raw script that has them both listed as injured. Yes, because those totally mean the same thing. Del Rio was listed as the same and he was on the show.

But the people who responded to these posts said things like “It’s about time she left.” What kind of comment is that? So because you don’t like her, that means she shouldn’t be employed? I’m not saying you have to like her – it’s not my problem if you choose not to like one of the only women on the roster with actual talent – if you enjoy trash to mediocrity, that’s your prerogative. But that doesn’t mean she should no longer be employed.

By that logic, every one you don’t like – every heel – shouldn’t have a job. Ok, fire all the heels, and see what happens. WWE would go out of business. You can’t have wrestling without both faces and heels. Wrestling is about good guys vs. bad guys. If you suddenly had only good guys, you wouldn’t ever have a single match. So, yes, A.J.’s existence is a necessity.

A.J. has carried the division for months, and now Paige has finally arrived. Unfortunately AJ is taking time off – hopefully it’s brief – so perhaps the best women’s feud since either Trish/Lita or Trish/Mickie can’t happen for a little longer. I hope AJ’s back right after Extreme Rules – I’d love the first match to be at Payback, considering I’ll be there.

And to show I’m not just berating divas of the modern era as not being better than AJ, I’ll say this – A.J. is better than Trish Stratus. Yep. She is. People seem to think Trish was the best, but in all honesty, they’re saying that because she was maybe the best combination of wrestling ability, blonde, and huge boobs that they could find. Lita and Mickie James are both better than Trish, as well. Trish isn’t bad, but people overrate her because of how she looks – and as far as I’m concerned, AJ is far more attractive than Trish ever was. I guess it’s your choice to think that someone so completely fake is attractive, but, well – that speaks for itself.

Please stop deluding yourself into thinking that a Bella Twin deserves the Divas Title. A.J. single-handedly brought that belt back from the depths of hell, basically – that belt had gotten so bad, it had gone from being the Second Rate Women’s Championship (What it was when it was created) all the way to the Fourth Rate Women’s Championship (What it became when Kelly won it, or maybe even the Bellas before her), and now, because of A.J., it’s back at Second Rate. She didn’t get the two full jumps herself – I think it went to third rate when Beth won it from Kelly, then managed to fall to Third and a Half Rate when Eve got it, and back to Third Rate when Kaitlyn won it. A.J. won it, and after having the longest reign in championship history, it went back to Second Rate. That’s all A.J. right there. (It can’t be better than Second Rate, because it’s the Second Rate Women’s Championship since it’s not the legit Women’s Championship.)

When A.J. returns, we’re headed towards the best women’s matches in WWE we’ve seen in years. A.J. vs. Kaitlyn at Payback was great, but this will far surpass it. Again, Kaitlyn was good, but she’s no Paige. And if you have Emma and/or Natalya in this at some point, it will only be better.

With that being said, I also want to talk about C.M. Punk for a few minutes here.

For one, I’ve seen a number of people keep saying that he walked out on the fans. At what point did he walk out on the fans? He walked out on the company. He didn’t walk out on you. (Well, unless you’re part of the company. But you’re not.) He walked out on the company because, despite being the best star in the company (Still better than Bryan, despite Bryan being more over, sorry), they still did not give him what he deserved. If you think Punk didn’t deserve the main event of WM (maybe not WM30, but a WM), then you are delusional and borderline psychotic. There’s no good reason he didn’t main event WM29. Rock vs. Cena II should’ve been a triple threat match. That much is an undeniable fact. If The Miz gets a WM Main event, then pretty much anyone can have one.

So you guys can stop with saying he walked out on the fans because he walked out on Vince and Triple H. Last time I checked those are not the fans. With that being said, the fans that are still chanting C.M. Punk at shows need to shut the fuck up. He’s gone. Get over it. Move the fuck on. There are plenty of other talents in WWE worth your time. Do I want C.M. Punk back? You’re fucking right I do. But chanting his name every week is useless. Unless there’s something completely awful happening – like Hornswoggle vs. El Torito – pay attention and watch the match.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble of hate, but WWE is pretty freaking good right now. Bryan won the title, which everyone wanted. Be happy. Paige is up from NXT. Be happy. Cesaro is being pushed, Shield vs. Evolution. THINGS ARE GOOD. If you’re butthurt that Taker lost, fuck off already. It’s time for the future, not the past. And stop having We Want Sting signs. WE DON’T WANT STING. You can’t complain about there never being anything fresh or exciting and also want Sting.

And another thing, to the one fan on Twitter who claimed that C.M. Punk and AJ were behind her in line at Target, and that when she recognized Punk and Punk realized that she recognized him, that he proceeded to hide from her, to which she is now no longer a fan because he was “rude,” go fuck yourself.

First off, if you read Punk’s twitter bio, in which he says he’s a jerk, what were you expecting? The nicest person in the world?

Here’s the deal, all of you morons with a grand sense of entitlement, Punk doesn’t owe you anything. This goes for any random celebrity you may happen to stumble across on the street, too, but we’re just using Punk as an example considering he’s the one being accosted. Your favorite celebrities don’t actually owe you anything. Just because you are a fan of their work on tv, in movies, or their music, or whatever the case may be, they do not owe you anything. If they don’t want to be bothered by people in public, then that’s their right. If you went up to a person not on tv and bugged them, and they told you to go away, you wouldn’t care, would you? So the fact that person IS on tv means they HAVE to talk to you? Nope.

People have a right to their privacy, celebrities and non-celebrities alike. If you aren’t a fan of a wrestler because he’s rude to you in public, you were never a fan of his to begin with. To be a fan of a wrestler, you need to be a fan of his character, and how he performs in the ring – you do not need to be a fan of how he acts outside of work. His kindness outside of work has nothing to do with how good he is at his job – you are a fan because of how good he is at his job. The opposite of this is also true – I hate John Cena the character, and most of his matches. I don’t hate John Cena the man. They are two different things.

He doesn’t owe you an autograph. He doesn’t owe you a picture. He doesn’t even owe you a hello. (Now, if you were at a convention and paid for an autograph, and he went and hid, that would be a different story. But you didn’t pay, so he doesn’t owe you.) If you had any respect for him, you would respect his privacy. Anyone who’s a real fan of C.M. Punk knows he doesn’t like fans pestering him. Sure, there are good days and bad, and some days I’m sure he does sign, and some days he doesn’t. This person caught him on a bad day, obviously. And, I mean, he walked out on the company two months ago – you think he wants to be pestered by a fan and potentially be bombarded with questions about why he left? Try using a modicum of thought next time you judge.

If you’re an actual fan of Punk, you know the stories of people asking him for an autograph at a funeral. You know the story of people asking him for an autograph at a urinal. You know the story of how someone went up to him, pulled his earphones out of his ears, and asked him for an autograph. You know the story of the person who saw him running down the streets of Chicago and punched him to get his attention. WHY ARE YOU SURPRISED THAT HE DOESN’T LIKE BEING PESTERED?

I had a coworker who had a friend who works/worked at O’Hare airport, and he said he saw Punk there at least five times and he blew him off for an autograph each time, or something.

Do you guys know how much Punk hates flying? Do you realize that, next to a funeral and a urinal, the airport is probably the worst place to bug him? LOL. Just look on Twitter – there’s plenty of tirades about United Airlines.

The amount of stupid that I see sometimes……

Anyways, that’s going to be all for my rant here.

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