Alright, I was finally able to watch the rest of of NXT Arrival, so I guess I’ll be able to comment about it now. I’m not going to review it quite like a PPV, even though it’s kind of like an NXT PPV – I’m just going to comment on the matches, briefly. This won’t be a long post, at all.

The first match was Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn in a rematch from their epic 2 out of 3 falls match last year. Sadly, I haven’t seen that match, as I’ve only started watching NXT in mid-December. I’ve of course seen highlights, but I’d like to see the full match. So, I can’t say which match was better. On the other hand, this match was amazing, and definitely the match of the night. This match is what wrestling is about – it’s one of those kinds of matches I’d show to a non-wrestling fan to show them why wrestling is awesome. (When done right.)  I did kind of feel like Zayn would win the match this time, but that wasn’t the case. Oh well.

I’m not going to comment on CJ Parker vs. Mojo Rawley anymore than the fact that it was awful.

The Ascension defended and retained their NXT Tag Team Championship against Too Cool. Yay, old wrestlers! Anyways, the match was short and sweet, and Too Cool actually seemed alright. Honestly it was basically a typical Ascension match from what I’ve seen – that’s not to say I don’t like them, it’s just that most of them seem like squash matches. (On a random note, the Ascension both shares a name with a favorite game of mine and uses a symbol that’s used to denote Warehouse 13 regents, so that’s cool.)

Paige then defended her NXT Women’s Championship against Emma in a really good match. These two are actually women wrestlers – they are not fricking Bella Twins. These are the kind of women that I want to see on Raw every week. (Well, Emma is there now, but more than just one.) Also, that submission Paige used to get the win was awesome. I kind of wanted Emma to win, that way Paige could actually be brought up to Raw, because it needs to happen.

Alexander Rusev interrupted a match between Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze and attacked them. I guess I enjoyed it, all things considered. I didn’t care about Rusev in the Rumble much, and I didn’t watch his matches on NXT on the episodes I have watched because I deemed him as typical big guy and moved on.

And the main event was Bo Dallas defending the NXT Championship against Adrian Neville in a ladder match. Honestly, I was underwhelmed by this match. I guess I wasn’t expecting much, but it still wasn’t great. Outside of the one DDT spot and the Red Arrow on the ladder, it was just kind of meh. I was kind of surprised that Neville won the title, as well – I was kind of expecting Corey Graves to cost him the belt for the past couple weeks, but it didn’t happen.

Overall, the show was good, and it was a good debut for NXT on the WWE Network. That’s all.

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