Well, it’s time to review WWE’s final PPV of the year, TLC. This is the first time I’ve walked out of watching a PPV completely happy with how things turned out since SummerSlam. Definitely the best PPV since that. That’s not to say “OMG BEST PPV EVER!!” because that’s not the case, but nothing on the show made me angry. So that’s good! (Well, except maybe Fandango beating Dolph Ziggler in the preshow.)

The first match of the show was C.M. Punk vs. The Shield. I was wondering why this match was first, but I think Punk probably asked to go on first so he could go in the back and finish watching the Hawks beat the Los Angeles King and continue to trash talk the Kings’ mascot on Twitter. Anyways – the match was really good. A bit slow at first, but then it picked up. Not really too much to say outside of it’s what you can expect out of Punk and the Shield. The big story of the match is Reigns missing a spear on the outside and flying over the announce table and injuring his eye in some fashion. The finish came after Punk hit a GTS on Rollins, and then ducked out of the way of a Reigns Spear which hit Ambrose instead, allowing Punk to get the win. The only thing coming out of this PPV that would be a problem is if the Shield ends up breaking up because of a dumb miscue like that where Reigns technically has an excuse of not being able to see.

Rating: ***1/2

The second match was A.J. defending her WWE Third Rate Women’s Championship against Natalya in a decent match. I would’ve liked it to be a little longer, though – it could’ve used a couple more minutes to be great. Definitely a good, solid match and A.J. rightfully retained her belt – and she’d better keep it until WM30.

Rating: **

Next was Big E. Langston defending the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Damien Sandow in what was basically a squash. But that’s pretty much what I was expecting. The finish was kind of out of nowhere, too.

Rating: *

Next was the Fatal 4 Way Elimination Tag Team Match for the WWE World Tag Team Championship with Cody Rhodes and Goldust defending against the Real Americans, Big Show and Rey Mysterio, and Ryback and Curtis Axel. The Elimination stipulation I wasn’t aware of until Goldust pinned Ryback and the match continued. It was a good match, although somewhat bad booking to have the Real Americans eliminated by Big Show – but I guess they can say they pinned the tag champions and weren’t eliminated by them at the end of the day, so perhaps we can give it a pass. Also there was no Giant Swing on Big Show. Cody took care of Big Show on the outside, and the ending sequence between Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio was very good. Cody with the Cross Rhodes on Mysterio for the win, and retaining the titles.

Rating: ***

Next was R-Truth and Xavier Woods against Brodus Clay and Tensai in a somewhat boring match I didn’t pay too much attention to because I was paying more attention to the last five minutes of the Hawks game, which they won 3-1. Yay. But, I did see the important part where Tensai walking out on Brodus due to his attitude problems, leading to Truth getting the win and Brodus is officially the monster heel he should’ve been to begin with.

EDIT: You know I wasn’t really paying attention for this match when you discover later on it was a one on one match between Clay and Truth.

Rating: *

Next was a random match between Kofi Kingston and The Miz which was alright, but nothing really of note to talk about. Kofi won.

Rating: **

Next was Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family. Another very good match here, although perhaps not quite as good as Punk vs. The Shield. Regardless, a very good match, and I was glad to see Bray actually be a good part of this match. Also, the return of the Exorcist Crab Walk was awesome. Bryan is able to take out Harper and Rowan, but tries to get the Yes Lock on Bray and fails, leading to him hitting Sister Abigail for the win. (Dear Daniel Bryan marks – Bryan lost. GET THE FUCK OVER IT. He doesn’t have to win every fucking match. Stop acting like it was a terrible booking decision, the Daniel Bryan is doomed, that he deserves better – HE LOST A THREE ON ONE HANDICAP MATCH. Grow up and stop being entitled brats.)

Rating: ***1/2

And finally, the TLC Match for C.M. Punk’s, Dolph Ziggler’s, and Daniel Bryan’s and WWE World Heavyweight Championship between John Cena and Randy Orton. This was a good, solid match. Nothing amazing, but not bad. I would’ve liked to have been at home so I could hear the crowd reaction – from what I could hear at the bar, it sounded mostly quiet, but I couldn’t really hear, so I don’t really know. It had some decent spots, but it’s never going to get “OMG BEST TLC MATCH EVER!” And Orton getting the handcuffs was kind of meh – it’s like, you tried this at Breaking Point ’09 and it worked so well then!! (I’ll never get over that one.) Anyways, Orton took forever to do anything after he handcuffed Cena. It took forever for him to throw the key, for Cena to try to break out which you knew he would. Then after Orton pulled on the ring rope to pull Cena off the ladder, causing Cena to go headfirst into the corner of the table so he could subsequently take a nap, Orton took forever to do it, but he takes down both belts and Orton wins the Unified Championship. The right man won, get over it, Orton haters.

Rating: **1/2

Overall, the show was very good. I’d reckon the fourth or fifth best PPV of the year. (SummerSlam being first, Payback being second, then Money in the Bank, and then either TLC or Extreme Rules.) Good show, nothing that angered me – so I’m happy.

Overall Rating: ***1/2

I’m going to have another wrestling related post either tomorrow, or probably on Tuesday. At the end of 2012, I wrote a post of what I wanted to see out of WWE in 2013, and now that the final PPV is over, I’m going to go over that list and see how much of what I wanted that I got, and then I’m going to 1) do the same for 2014, and 2), do something of a fantasy WM30 card. So, I shall see you then.

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