Well, another three weeks, another PPV, as the case seems to be. And yet again, a PPV I don’t really care too much about. As good as the shows are, the PPVs still seem like an afterthought at the moment. It really doesn’t help having a PPV every three weeks – I was saying at SummerSlam time that they’d better have a solid plan for all of these shows well in advance if they’re going to have 4 PPVs in 12 weeks’ time. And it really looks like they didn’t have much. Granted, it’s more than TNA can say it has for Bound For Glory, but that’s a different story. It also doesn’t help when I hear things about the coming WM that make no sense whatsoever, like Bryan winning the Rumble when he’ll already have the belt, or Punk vs. Orton again because who knows.

Preshow match is Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow, which is something worth being on the real show. Well, except for the fact that this match has no need to happen whatsoever because they aren’t in any kind of feud. Continuing to waste Dolph Ziggler. Dolph wins because Sandow has MITB.

On to the real matches.

A.J. Lee will defend her WWE Third Rate Women’s Championship against Brie Bella because Brie Bella is now engaged to Daniel Bryan. Let’s not pretend that a Bella Twin got this title shot out of actual merit, because one has no talent, the other has less, we don’t know which one is which, and a third is being cloned for Orton in a lab below Montana. A.J. better retain because otherwise I’m not watching a divas match EVER again. Not that I watch many to begin with, but irrelevance.

Curtis Axel will for whatever reason defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship against R-Trash because….Well, no one really knows why. It’s not like R-Truth has any legitimate claims to anything in WWE, so he should probably consider quitting. Axel retains. #AndNoOneCares

Bray Wyatt may or may not defeat Kofi Kingston – not in the sense that he might lose, but in the sense that it’s not confirmed the match will happen. #DirectionForTheWyattsPlease

Alberto Del Rio will defend Dolph Ziggler’s World Heavyweight Championship against Rob Van Dam in a Hardcore match. This match will probably be better than the NOC match just because of the stipulation, but again, I still have no fucks to give because Del Rio is still holding a title that belongs to Dolph and Del Rio has been in EVERY WHC related match on PPV this year, so fuck him. Del Rio retains because Ricardo turns on RVD or he just wins and whatever.

C.M. Punk faces Ryback because they had to add in more terrible wrestlers for Punk to face before Lesnar again some point in the future. I have no idea how they’re going to wait until the Rumble for that match because there’s simply nothing else for this feud once Punk defeats Ryback other than Lesnar in HIAC, which isn’t going to happen. Punk wins, or he’d better. And we’ll see if he can get a good match out of Ryback, which I doubt, considering even Jericho couldn’t.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust will face Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to get jobs. This is definitely the match I’m looking forward to the most. Also, please tell Michael Cole to never say “They made him choose which job gets their son back!” ever again. Anyways, this match should be great – I’m expecting a Rhodes family win, but it’s possible the Shield wins.

And finally, Daniel Bryan faces Randy Orton for a vacated C.M. Punk’s and Daniel Bryan’s WWE Championship. My gripe with this is that there’s no stipulation, because there really has to be one with Orton going to back to awesome psycho Orton and it’s the second match. It calls for it. On the other hand, I don’t think they did too great a job building to this match outside of establishing that Orton’s psycho again and the one segment on Monday where Orton RKO’ed him through a table. The problem though is that they added Brie Bella into the feud which only makes things worse. Oh well. This ideally would’ve been Last Man Standing. Anyways, either Orton wins somehow or it’s a no contest.

Overall, I would say I’m looking forward to this more than I was looking to Night of Champions, but not by much. Anyways, review Sunday as always.

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