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Well, I wanted to write some more about wrestling today. It’s been a long time since WWE’s been good, so I feel like I should take the time to write about it when it is so I’m not always ranting. Sure, it’s not 100% perfect or anything, but the last four of five Raws have been good. Mainly this is going to be a kind of SummerSlam preview/fantasy card kind of deal.

But first, I want to take the time to congratulate new TNA World Heavyweight Champion Chris Sabin! #HailSabin


Chris Sabin has been one of my favorite wrestlers in TNA since I began watching it in 2006. Along with Alex Shelley, he was part of the best tag team in TNA history (Yes, even better than Beer Money, Bad Influence, and Styles and Daniels), the Motor City Machine Guns. (Also known as the only good team that’s ever come out of Detroit.)  It took ages for TNA to finally give them the tag titles, though, which is one of the big reasons I lost a lot of respect for the company and stopped watching for a while. They were easily the best part of the show for two years when TNA was hurting, which was right after Bound For Glory 2008. Now, after rehabbing two torn ACL’s, Sabin has returned after basically two years of recovery, won the X Division Title, cashed it in using Option C (Why is it called Option C? Shouldn’t it be B? I stopped watching for 1.5 to 2 years and came back after watching Aries vs. Roode), and defeated Bully Ray to win the belt. I know the match wasn’t that special because they were playing on how much bigger Bully was, which was good, but you knew there was going to be some kind of finish like there was with all of the Aces and Eights and Main Event Mafia in the ring. I’m so happy they gave Sabin the belt, even if it’s only a short reign. I don’t expect him to go into Bound For Glory with the belt. I love Sabin, and I love that he gets to say he’s World Champion, but I don’t see a long run with the belt.

The only thing that baffles me about Sabin being World Champion is the fact that he has the belt and Christopher Daniels has never had it. I swear if he doesn’t get that belt within a year, there’s something wrong. He should’ve had several runs with it by now.

Anyways, moving on to WWE. I just want to mention that the scenario I mentioned in the Money in the Bank review where Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Title from John Cena only for Randy Orton to cash in and take the belt from him immediately was actually just considered. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Monday’s Raw was really good, outside of a few small parts of it. I don’t understand why Damien Sandow lost to Christian now that he’s won MITB. Typical MITB booking I guess. But Cody is now a legit face. ALL OF MY FAVORITES ARE TURNING FACE. WHY? Never mind, it makes for faces worth cheering for.

The divas match was dumb, I’m sure. I didn’t watch. And the Wyatts need to attack more relevant people than R-Truth. Orton vs. Fandango wasn’t watched either due to Fandango being Fandango. #IOnlyWatchHimForSummerRae

I didn’t see the point in the Shield attacking Mark Henry, either. I don’t want to see a feud between them.

That being said, holy shit was the C.M. Punk/Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar segment amazing. Punk’s and Heyman’s promos were awesome as always, and then Brock came out and beat the crap out of Punk. It was awesome. This is really the only time Brock has looked like a monster since returning. He was buried by Cena and looked like crap against HHH because he was against HHH. Now he’s in an actual feud.

The RVD vs. Jericho match was also amazing. It got extra time because the Punk/Lesnar segment went long and it got a Bryan/Barrett match cut. Definitely one of the best matches of the year.

And while Cena dragged out his decision to face Bryan for a while, the crowd reaction was great. Now let’s hope he taps at SummerSlam, Orton doesn’t cash in, and the Bellas aren’t a part of this feud somehow.

As far as SummerSlam goes, it should be mostly good. Punk/Lesnar and Cena/Bryan are a lock, and they should both be great. I don’t know who wins the Punk/Lesnar match, though.

Also, it looks like Undertaker is a no go, so Kane will probably face Bray Wyatt alone. Good or bad, I don’t know. I’m not sold on Bray’s cronies being good wrestlers yet. Actually I’m not sold on Bray either since he hasn’t had a match, and I didn’t like him before. But at least their gimmick is great, Bray’s quite a good talker now, he’s using Mike Knox’s old finisher which I always liked, oh, and he’s wearing pants this time, so somehow my ‘Make-Husky-Harris-Wear-Pants-Petition^TM,’ signed by only two people, succeeded.

As far as the Shield is concerned, it looks like they may do something with Mark Henry and/or the Usos. I would like a triple threat tag title match between the Shield, the Usos, and the Real Americans. Even with Swagger in there, the should be a good match. And then maybe put Ambrose/Christian for the U.S. Title on there.

Maybe have RVD face Curtis Axel for the IC Title.

Have Ryback get released.

Jericho is unfortunately gone now.

The elephant in the room is that they’re going to be going through with Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston. I don’t understand how they think this is a good idea. Nobody cares about Langston, so him losing to Dolph does nothing for Dolph, and him beating Dolph would be stupid. The match won’t be good, no matter how much Ziggler tries. I don’t understand why Dolph even needs to care that Langston attacked him on Monday. Certainly he knew that was going to happen when he dumped AJ. No one just dumps AJ without her going crazy. Fighting him isn’t going to get Dolph anywhere, so he should just ignore them and move on. The World Title is the only thing that matters. And if he doesn’t have it back come the end of Night of Champions, there will be some serious complaining on the internet.

If Dolph doesn’t go for the WHC, then who does? Please tell me it isn’t Sheamus. That’d be like SummerSlam last year, only with the title on other person. That feud is so dead anyways. So, who else then? Orton? RVD? Big Show?

Also, Rhodes vs. Sandow for the briefcase should be good. Would also like to see AJ/Kaitlyn in some kind of gimmick match for the title.

The only big problem with WWE right now is the McMahon storyline. They’ve been doing this for over a month now and it was boring immediately, and it’s supposed to lead into WM. Fantastic. They fired Vickie only to replace her with Brad Maddox, which isn’t anything different. Now they’re putting Vickie back on Smackdown. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF ALL THIS??? Also, did I really hear that they’re considering Stone Cold vs. Triple H as part of the McMahon feud going into WM if Austin can indeed wrestle? Do I need to explain the idiocy in that, or did you figure it out? If Austin can wrestle one more match, and only one more match, you can’t possibly not have Punk vs. Austin. Seriously, don’t be stupid.

Anyways, I think that will be all for this post.

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