Well, they did it again, didn’t they? The WWE finally got something going for it and they threw it right back in front of a bus. You’d have thought they’d pick something and run with it, but then they run back to their favorites and go with them.

But before I get into the show, I just have to say, we lived in a fucked up world of wrestling. We live in a world where the casual fans are so stupid, they don’t even understand when a heel has turned face. People at this bar I was at today were still rooting for Del Rio, and they were still booing C.M. Punk, and still booing Dolph Ziggler. They were even booing Daniel Bryan, who’s been a face since last August. The non-smart fans are so stupid that even stupid fans would feel ashamed to be associated with them. They’ve desecrated their audience so much that once a wrestler is a heel, it’s nearly impossible to come back from. It’s sad. There were several grown men cheering for Cena. It’s that pathetic. Once you hit a certain age and you’re still rooting for him, you need to stop watching for the sake of humanity. Go into the padded cell you belong in. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anyways, the preshow match between the Shield and the Usos was really good from what I got to see of it. I can’t rate it, but it was very entertaining. And the Shield retained so all is good.

The opening match was the World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match. This match was amazing – definitely the best match of the show and the better of the two ladder matches. Great spots from beginning to end, and I was so rooting for Cody in this match. The only thing that bothered me was that I predicted the finish right before it happened. I realized they had done nothing between Sandow and Rhodes and that Sandow was not in the pile that Ambrose fell into, so him coming out and pushing Rhodes off the ladder was expected. It was great, though – Sandow won because he’s smart, and it should be interesting to see him with the case, and now we have a new feud come from it too.

Rating: ****

After a terrible segment involving Brad Maddox, Curtis Axel defeated Miz in a fairly boring match to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. I really have nothing to say about this other than it wasn’t exciting – I don’t understand how this wasn’t the pre-show and the Shield vs. The Usos were.

Rating: **

The next match was AJ defending the WWE Third Rate Women’s Championship against Kaitlyn. This was another good match – that’s two good divas matches on PPV in a row. Unheard of these days. Now, I do think the first one was better because there was more drama to it, but this was still quite good.

Rating: **1/2

Next, Ryback defeated Chris Jericho in a boring match. Ryback finally got a win on PPV, and it was via roll-up. He can’t even do well in victory. They really need to send him back to NXT to get better – his character is officially dead.

Rating: **

Next was Alberto Del Rio defending Dolph Ziggler’s World Heavyweight Championship against Dolph Ziggler. This was a really good match despite the predicted finish. Fans were hugely into Dolph which is good. I don’t have a problem with AJ costing him the match, but I question its execution. Was it really necessary for her to go into the ring and hit Del Rio with the belt? Couldn’t she have done it while standing outside and just got caught? They’re playing it off as if it was an accident but she was standing in the ring in front of a ref. I’m sure they’re going to reveal it was intentional, but it really doesn’t make sense considering her character should still want Dolph to be champion, even if there were problems starting to show. I also question the payoff of AJ turning on him – Dolph can’t do anything to AJ, so obviously he’s now forced to face Langston at SummerSlam, which either Dolph puts over E, which is dumb, or Langston loses to Dolph and looks bad in his first major PPV match, the match at WM notwithstanding.

Rating: ***

Next, a miracle happened. John Cena, the “WWE Champion,” and I use that term very loosely had a title match that was NOT in the main event, and C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan had a match later on at the end of the show! It’s like WWE woke up and realized who their best talent were! Anyways, John Cena defended C.M. Punk’s WWE Championship against Mark Henry in what was, as expected, another boring rendition of “Can John Cena pick up the big large guy?” The answer was duh. Cena won, and the world is still searching for the WWE Champion(ship) that disappeared at the Royal Rumble. (If found, reward of $1,000,000, paid out by WWE)

Rating: **

And finally, the main event was the WWE Championship Ladder Match. Firstly, no replacement was made for Kane. Why? No idea. This match was really good, but the first ladder match was definitely better. This was more of a match that had ladders involved than a latter match – meaning, there were more spots in the first one. Punk slamming Sheamus down with the ladder was pretty awesome, though. RVD was great, but you can definitely tell he’s not as fast as he was. So, while I do love RVD, if he’s not in WWE a ton, it won’t hurt my feelings. But, I really have to question the end of this match. Why is Curtis Axel attacking Daniel Bryan? Was it just to help Punk? Heyman attacking Punk was great – expected Brock, but oh well – they even got the crowd to boo Heyman, which was a surprise. I know it’s Punk, but he’s the creator of ECW. So that’s impressive. Orton’s RKO on RVD was sick. But why in the hell is Randy Orton the winner of this match? Didn’t we establish that MITB is NOT for established superstars? The acceptable winners were: Bryan, Christian, and MAYBE RVD. Maybe. (And MAYBE Punk, but even then, really not. I’m just saying that for obvious reasons.) I guess they felt bad that Orton got a random divorce and wanted to give him an unneeded reward for losing clean twice in the past few weeks. It’s just fifty-fifty booking and WWE should have learned ages ago to pick the person they’re giving the push (Daniel Bryan) and just run with it, and take it all the way. This is stupid. Does Bryan even get the title match at SummerSlam now, or is he just going to face Axel for no good reason? I can see the following thing done to break the internet, though: Daniel Bryan makes John Cena tap out at SummerSlam to win the title, then Orton cashes in. Internet dead. LMAO. (I’m almost angry enough to want to see the rest of the internet go up in flames from that.) Anyways, they’d better have this lead to an Orton heel turn, because otherwise they severely fucked up.

Rating: ***1/2

Overall the show was pretty good – unfortunately Orton winning brings it down a bit because it leaves the viewer with a bad taste in their mouth. But the matches I was looking forward to were all good, and the ones I wasn’t all sucked as expected. So, I would say the show delivered.

Overall Rating: ***1/2

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